Norman Andrus - Fine Artist

Norman Andrus

Petaluma, CA - United States








Norman Andrus

Petaluma, CA - United States

Norman Andrus - Fine Artist

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About Norman Andrus

UPDATE: Norm passed away in Fall 2010. His passion and legacy in photography live on, however, and his family wants to continue to share his work and to encourage other senior artists to pursue their own dreams. Norm survived an earlier massive stroke, and believed that he did so in order to resume his photography with new energy and focus. If you purchase any of his work, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to support senior artists - Suggestions for donations are welcomed and needed!

READ WHAT HE SAID: 'It took me nearly half a lifetime to discover the visual medium that would show you 'my world'. As a child, I made drawings and paintings. I read voraciously, creating visual images from the words. I am blessed to have experienced the world without television until my early twenties. In my mid-forties I discovered 'instant drawing' through the wonders of a used 35mm camera. For three years I explored the magic of the darkroom through a series of junior college night courses, as well as field trips and seminars conducted by the UC Santa Cruz Extension Division. I used both business and personal life pressures as a rationalization for a nearly 30-year hiatus from any serious photographic pursuit. I credit the miracle of digital imagery as the compelling inspiration for my current efforts; it has allowed me to scan slides and negatives from the 70's to present with my newer work. I now digitally capture realistic impressions of Nature: its beauty, stillness and majesty, as well as record images of the minute detail or man-made objects. Finally, I take advantage of digital manipulation to create both surreal and abstract works culled from my base of old and new images. I see shapes and colors within the ordinary that take me to a visually different place. I hope you enjoy my work.'

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Emerald Bay Overlook by Norman Andrus


Sunny Sierra Stream by Norman Andrus


Sunny Mono Tree by Norman Andrus


Mono Shore by Norman Andrus


Mono Huts by Norman Andrus


Mono Hut Wall by Norman Andrus


Wall Textures by Norman Andrus


Hut Wall Textures by Norman Andrus


Anthony Boy by Norman Andrus


Rusty Anthony by Norman Andrus


Day's End in Ten by Norman Andrus


Jack Waits by Norman Andrus


Golden Twist by Norman Andrus


Berry Tree by Norman Andrus


Sunny Reeds Reflect by Norman Andrus


Combie Lake Reeds by Norman Andrus


Happy Face Wannabe by Norman Andrus


Orange Trio by Norman Andrus


Sharp Feet by Norman Andrus


Cock of the Walk by Norman Andrus


Don't Touch by Norman Andrus


You Want Poart Of Me by Norman Andrus


Dead Tree Panorama by Norman Andrus


Cockatoo Show Off by Norman Andrus

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