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Otis Zeon

Minneapolis, MN - United States

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My Relentless Pursuit of Perfection

By Otis Zeon

Where I grew up, people didn't have choices and career goals and future plans; they simply lived to survive until the next day. The experiences my family and I have been through have affected the decisions I make every day. The tragedies that I experienced have put me in an environment that, I truly believe, has prepared me to withstand and buffer any social, political, economical turmoil that may befall me. These tragedies have acquainted me with human suffering and have instilled in me a sense of compassion, love and understanding for people.

I come from Liberia, West Africa, a nation which had endure turmoil and civil war for over two decades. From being displaced from country to country my family and I landed in a disease and poverty striking refugee camp. The next ten years of my life living in Buduburam Refugee Camp, in Ghana West Africa helped shape me into the person I am and envision to be in the future, My Relentless Pursuit of Perfection started here.

My biological father, Amos Zeon, a man whom I admire without truly getting to know, was part of the Secret Service in Liberia during the 80's, he was also the cousin of the president of Liberia President Samuel K. Doe. When my father came back for a summer vacation from Jordan, where he attended Aviation school, the Civil war in Liberia started. Rebel leader Charles Taylor had planned to overthrow the government and assassinate President, Samuel K. Doe. Before things got worse, my father took me and my siblings to the airport to evacuate Liberia; I was only five years old. Because of his status, my siblings and I were able to get on a small commercial airplane and were flown from the capital city to a little family village. There we gathered family members and the little food we could find, and we headed on foot toward the neighboring country, the Ivory Coast. Two days later, we crossed the Cavala River, between Liberia and the Ivory Coast, and we were finally in a temporarily safe zone. My dad stayed with the President, and his tragic death is due to his loyalty to his country and his family.

At a very early age, I learned how it felt to lose someone and how to live in extreme hardship. For the next decade my family and I were refugees in exile, moving from village to village further away from home as the war zone grew bigger. We were forced to live in a refugee camp called Buduburam in West Africa, Ghana. This camp had a large influx of people each day. Most of us were in similar condition. We had lost every aspect of our life style in a civil war which lasted over two decades. Yet, it was through the kinship of this community, that my sense of appreciation and respect for people grew. I learned values of compassion, stewardship and care, aesthetic values, which I believe to be a prime asset for any profession I pursue.

Life in this camp was poverty-stricken beyond reason. Each family member had to play a role to insure our survivalship in this camp. As a young boy, my role was going around the camp with two gallons of kerosene each night charging by the cup to fill people's lamps for light, I was a self proclaim fisherman, I sold crops from my grandmother farms, I organized casino games for friend to play, anything I could do to make a living I did and All proceeds were used for food, school, clothing and shelter. I learned early on, that every member has a valuable role in the community and there is no higher value than helping one another.

I now live in the United States, I am so blessed to have the opportunity to get educated in this great nation. This is especially wonderful because at the refugee camp, the educational system was the poorest the World could offer and for ten years I was in this educational system. Despite that, I graduate from Brooklyn Center High, at the top of my class at the same time I attended the Art Instruction School in Minneapolis. I graduated with honors from the College of St. Scholastica with two Bachelors of Arts degree, a BA in Fine Arts and BA in Biology. I earned my master from Drexel University College of Medicine in Biological Science and I am attending Medical School at St. George University School of Medicine.

My Relentless pursuit of Perfection

My life throughout the years has been traumatic, exciting, colorful and optimistic. As an individual who has studied fine and abstract art for over two decades, I do believe when it comes to decision making, itís best to carefully plan, to visualize the start and end product, be realistic, know your tools, be optimistic and enthusiastic about your planning, know your strength and weaknesses, sketch out a clear path of what you want to accomplish, and create a realistic timeline. When all is set and done to the best of your abilities, create the best piece of art you have ever made. Accordingly, I firmly believe that I have laid the foundation for my path.
Pressure and hardship turns graphite into Diamond

My exposures to pressure and hardship helped solidified my appreciation and respect for people and I enjoy doing many things and each and everything I do, I do it with all the passion I have. My believe is, it doesn't matter what you do it only matters that you do it well and do it with passion.

To be Continued...

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