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Pamela Cail

Boundary Creek, NB - Canada








Pamela Cail

Boundary Creek, NB - Canada

Pamela Cail - Fine Artist

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About Pamela Cail

'I am very excited to share with you - what I've called 'REA' Rainbow Energy Alive art-form. I am an intuitive soul artist or energy artist. Allowing my heart to be the leader when choosing colours and subjects. I use my intuitive gifts and knowledge - combine them with love of painting to create vibrant healing art. My pen name is Rea - which I often sign my paintings. I am a self taught painter, the courses I have taken over the years have been to open my heart space to a new level of self love and understanding. The one course that stand out for me is my metaphysics classes through the MetaU School of Mastery taught by Master Teacher Toni Elizabeth Sar'h Petrinovich. I am also a certified Reiki Master Teacher. Other interests include; healing with art, meditation, native drumming, Tibetan singing bowl, henna body design/art and YL essential oils to enhance my creativity, frequency and inner peace.

Everything I am creating comes from deep within my heart space - the voice of my Soul.

In essence REA - Rainbow Energy Alive paintings are intuitive interpretations of the energy of individuals, places, events or e-motions ( energy in motion ).

These works of art aspires to capture the energetic essence of life - energy - by using vibrant colours, molding paste, crystals, stones or what ever is needed to create for you inventive and expressive works of REA art that resonate with impact and feeling. I am hoping you will enjoy them One Heart.'

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Thrive by Pamela Cail


Archangel Chamuel by Pamela Cail


Strength by Pamela Cail


Breathe by Pamela Cail


Stillness by Pamela Cail


Dream by Pamela Cail


Opening by Pamela Cail


Grey Feather by Pamela Cail


Angel Fire by Pamela Cail


Absolution by Pamela Cail


Inner Connection by Pamela Cail


Eagle Spirit by Pamela Cail


Fearless by Pamela Cail


Union by Pamela Cail


Source by Pamela Cail


WaterFall of Love by Pamela Cail


Love Flows and Grows by Pamela Cail


Enchanted by Pamela Cail


Wisdom Tree by Pamela Cail


Fire Storm by Pamela Cail


Inner Connection by Pamela Cail


InsideOut by Pamela Cail


RedFeather by Pamela Cail


Violet Flame by Pamela Cail


Rooster by Pamela Cail

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