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Pamella Brooks

Greensburg, PA - United States








Pamella Brooks

Greensburg, PA - United States

Pamella Brooks - Fine Artist

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About Pamella Brooks

I received a B.A. in Graphic Arts with a minor in fine art from Seton Hill University and decided to go back to obtain my teaching certification there as well. As far back as I can remember, I have always expressed myself artistically. I was either drawing or emerging my hands in what my mother has referred to as mud but is know to me as that Pennsylvania clay. For me Clay is the most expressive form of medium that I can get my hands on. It speaks to me like no other. I do tend from time to time paint and draw but I feel most at home with clay.
When i went back for my teaching certification I had the opportunity to take a class in clay, one of my requirements and I started a series of head sculptures. A professor said I should never through away sketches of concepts and ideas. She said told me, 'old sketches could be a springboard for works to come.' So, when I was given the opportunity to reach back into the past and dust off one of my sketch notebooks, i did just that.
My pieces reflect the characteristics of sculptures in African art. The almond shaped eyes and full lips. I have chosen to incorporate in some of the sculptures, wire. In one, the wire ins used to indicate hair. By manipulation I created spiral, kinky like hair, characteristic found in Africa and some African Americans. In the Yoruba culture, the image of the head is held with knowledge, character, and judgment. It is the most important image in their art. Like the peoples of Yoruba, I blend realisim and idealism in my forms. African culture is seen in many aspects, in dance as well as music.
I as you the views to embrace its essence, its strength and beauty in my works of art...The African Head Sculpture Series.

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