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Pat Katz

Saskatoon, SK - Canada

Pat Katz - Fine Artist

Pat Katz

Member Since: 11/12/2011

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I am an Appreciative Adventurer Ė finding joy and beauty everywhere I am and everywhere I go. In art, as in life, I am drawn to express the up side, the sunny side, the inspiring message that life is good. I hope others feel encouraged and heartened for having been in my presence and in the company of my work.

Whether itís a palette of paints, bolts of fabric, skeins of yarn, or acres of tulips, bright colors catch my eye. Bright light and lyrical lines lift my spirits and make me smile. Where color and light are absent, Iíll throw some in as an expression of what could be.

With pen or brush in hand, with paints and paper in front of me, I am easily captivated by the moment Ė and just plain happy! Splash and squiggle is how I work. Ink and watercolor is where I live. My best work appears when Iím able to hold that lighthearted, playful spirit.

I was introduced to the world of watercolor by artist, Cecelia Jurgens. I have taken several classes from Cecelia and traveled with her on three painting trips visiting the Netherlands, France, Germany, Spain, Portugal and Morocco. Iíve also traveled to study with other watercolor artists along the way including: Brian Atyeo, Judi Whitton, Karlyn Holman, and Charles Reid.

I now pack a sketchbook and paintbox in my bag everywhere I go, keeping my eye peeled for sights to capture along the way. It has changed the way I look at the world.

My paintings and WC sketches can be found in private collections around the globe: France, England, Saudia Arabia, the USA (Georgia, Oregon, Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota, Massachusetts, Alaska, Virginia, Pennsylvania, California, Nebraska, New York, Oklahoma, Florida, Texas, Colorado, North Carolina, Arizona, West Virginia, Kentucky, Illinois, Arkansas, New Hampshire, Louisiana), and Canada (Quebec, Ontario, British Columbia, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta).

I hope you enjoy these images, and that you choose to make my art a part of your world. Welcome to the PauseWorks Studio Gallery. Enjoy!


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