Patricia Ariel - Fine Artist

Patricia Ariel

Everett, WA - United States








Patricia Ariel

Everett, WA - United States

Patricia Ariel - Fine Artist

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About Patricia Ariel

Artist of surreal and visionary themes, Patricia was born in 1970 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where she lived and worked until moving to the United States. Although part self-taught, she has had some formal instruction in visual arts that included academic drawing training and fashion design. Besides drawing and painting, Patricia has expressed herself since early age through different artistic languages like theater, dance, and music. Her decision to become a professional fine artist came only later, after leaving her homeland. Working primarily with pencils, Patricia’s art is strongly influenced by her spirituality and insights about the connections of men with nature and magic, and the spiritual/psychic dimensions. From her passion for the figurative art combined with patterns and expressionistic abstracts, she follows a classical tradition of drawing and uses a realistic representation of the human figure in an attempt to bring reality closer to the realm of dreams and spirituality, creating a world of visual poetry where light and darkness collide and reveal the symbolic and the mystical. Patricia is currently a member of the Energy Art Movement.

“Whenever I wanted answers or inspiration for life and art, it was not in the mundane or in the ordinary life that I looked for them, but in the unlimited world of my inner reality. This world, inhabited by mysterious places and people, has its own stories, its own rules, its own wisdom. I am only the storyteller.

I think of my art as a celebration of the human experience in what they have of sacred and profane. To me, there is nothing more fascinating than the mystery; this is the basic source of all my reflections and explorations. In my work I constantly investigate the point of contact between the physical and the reality of dreams, spirituality, and abstract concepts. Themes like transformation and transitions, the human duality, spiritual and emotional experiences, and the ties of man with nature and the raw forces of life are often explored. Since I focus primarily on the female figure, I can say that my work is also about the female experience according to my own vision of the feminine: power, creation, energy, witchcraft, life. The characters I create embody forces of nature. They are sorceresses, ethereal beings, bearers of darkness and light.”

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