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Patsy Zedar

Honesdale, PA - United States








Patsy Zedar

Honesdale, PA - United States

Patsy Zedar - Fine Artist

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About Patsy Zedar

Patsy Zedar is an artist from Pleasant Mount, PA

I love to take pictures! I have had a passion for photography ever since I was eleven when my dad gave me his old camera, a Kodak 35RF. I come from a family full of photography enthusiasts, so it wasn't hard to pick up a camera and start clicking. I can't help thinking, when driving down the road, wondering at every turn of every bend, 'Would that make a good shot?'

I love to take pictures! (did I say that,) lots of pictures. Something deep down inside drives me to want to capture the essence of life, this is good, but sometimes in the process of photography I miss out on the beauty of nature, because I am too busy loading and unloading cameras, lenses, and batteries; lugging equipment up mountains, down mountains, across lakes, under the sea, and the older I get the heavier the camera gets! Once in a great while, I get a good shot - those are the ones I hope you enjoy. (Every once in a while remind me to just forget the camera!)

Recently I started working with the computer to create digital art from my photographs, when finished they no longer look like real photographs but have turned into art, digital art. This is new and I am learning...

In the spring of 2012 I started to paint with oils, this is totally new to me and I love it. I never thought I could paint, never dreamed it, and I guess it really doesn't matter how the paintings come out, because I am enjoying the process and having fun.

I have lived in Wayne County, PA for 30 years after being raised in New Jersey, but there is not much 'Jersey' left in this girl! I spent time studying in Oregon, New Hampshire, and graduated with a degree in Geology from Fairleigh Dickinson-Madison, NJ; and also attended Katharine Gibbs Secretarial School. I recently retired from working 21 years with developmentally disabled individuals at the Human Resources Center, Honesdale.

I live with my husband - Al, and dog - Merlin, on the backroads of Northeastern Pennsylvania where opportunities for photography abound. It is a great place to live!

I hope you like what you see here and thanks so much for looking.

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