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Paula Guttilla

Utica, IL - United States








Paula Guttilla

Utica, IL - United States

Paula Guttilla - Fine Artist

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About Paula Guttilla

Paula Guttilla: Photographer
Hatchet Canyon Photography
Utica, IL

“Photography is the process of making pictures caused by the action of light.
The word comes from the Greek words φως phos (‘light’), and γραφις graphis (‘stylus’, ‘paintbrush’) or γραφη graphê, together meaning ‘drawing with light.”

My passion for photography started when I received my first camera at the age of 10, a Kodak Brownie. The wonderful photos in the Life Magazines that came weekly to my home also inspired me. Now whenever I have a break in my busy life I am either reading, studying, collecting or playing with photography. I was born and raised in Newton, Massachusetts and attended the University of Denver in Colorado. I met my husband Tom backpacking in Europe in 1972. I have worked for Jay Baxter, CPA for 30 years as an Accountant and an Enrolled Agent. I reside in Utica, IL and have two grown children and four grandchildren.

Philosophy- Photography gives me the opportunity by capturing light, space and time to share through my eyes the joy, splendor and truth of life. I consider myself an artist that uses photography to paint my canvas.

Subjects-I found my inspiration from nature. I love subjects that signify beauty and harmony and those usually include landscapes, sunsets, animals, flowers, birds, water reflections, butterflies, and trees. I look for compositions where the interplay between light, form, color, and subject inspire my heart. I am successful if the final result gives me the same reaction I felt when I took the photo.

Medium-I use a digital camera. I am constantly experimenting in Adobe Photoshop. The computer darkroom is a wonderful creative tool allowing me to take my photos to new and exciting dimensions.
My current Cameras: Canon Digital EOS 7D


• Smithsonian Magazine 4th Annual Photo Contest, one of ten
Altered Images Finalists: Dancing Tree: March 31, 2007.
• Illinois Bureau of Tourism, A Eye for Illinois Winter Photo Contest
Honorable Mention: House Finch in Utica: April 30, 2007
• Illinois Bureau of Tourism, A Eye for Illinois Spring/Summer Photo
Contest. Honorable Mention: Sunflowers Route 6, LaSalle: October, 2007.
• Illinois Bureau of Tourism, A Eye for Illinois Fall Photo Contest
Second Place: River Bluff Trail, Buffalo Rock State Park
Honorable Mention: Matthiessen Lake Falls: Feb. 19, 2008
• Illinois Bureau of Tourism, A Eye for Illinois Winter Photo Contest
Honorable Mention: Illinois River at Sunset: May 31, 2008
• Vintage Illinois 2008 Featured Wine Label: Bald Eagle photo.
• The Nature Conservancy on line. Nature Photo of the Week:
Great Sand Dunes National Park. July 31st, 2009
• (online Boston Globe) National Parks Photo
Contest Judged by filmmaker Ken Burns, (1 of 30 winners) Great Sand
Dunes National Park: Sept.16, 2009
• Illinois Bureau of Tourism’s 2010 Governor's Conference used
my photo 'Looking Back at State Street' in a presentation.
• Smithsonian Channel: 2010. 1/2 hour episode for the Smithsonian Spotlight
series featuring the Smithsonian Magazine photo contest. Dancing Tree Altered and the Dancing Tree Original showcased.
• 2011 Aerial America Smithsonian Channel photo contest one of 5
Semifinalist in the food category.
• 2013 Cape Cod Guide Cover Photo
• Illinois Valley Market Guide cover 2007-2015
• Book Cover for “Ghost of the Illinois Canal System” by David Youngquist
for sale on Amazon.
• 6 large photo prints on permanent display at the Utica Village Hall, Utica IL
• 2014 Starved Rock Photography Club Contest 2nd Place Winner Illinois
Canyon Water Fall.
• The LaSalle News Tribune’s annual Community Review 2014 and 2015
photos of Utica, IL Spring 2015 Website Images for Utica IL’s new website
• Getty Image Contributor:

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Halfway House and Eagle by Paula Guttilla


Our Shining Star by Paula Guttilla


Empty and Lonely by Paula Guttilla


Dancing Tree by Paula Guttilla


American Goldfinch by Paula Guttilla


Hibiscus by Paula Guttilla


First West Branch Pond Moose by Paula Guttilla


Winter in Rural America by Paula Guttilla


Mount Hood by Paula Guttilla


Sunflowers along Rt 6 by Paula Guttilla


Black-Eyed Susans by Paula Guttilla


Daisies by Paula Guttilla


Wolf by Paula Guttilla


Beautiful Day by Paula Guttilla


Swaledale Yorkshire Dales by Paula Guttilla


Think Bees by Paula Guttilla


Sunset View from Charing Cross by Paula Guttilla


Funnel and Mesocyclone by Paula Guttilla


Celestial Sky by Paula Guttilla


Sun Flowers Past and Present by Paula Guttilla


Matthiessen State Park in Spring by Paula Guttilla


Bald Eagle Lock 14 by Paula Guttilla


Snowstorm at Starved Rock by Paula Guttilla


Nuthatch in snow storm by Paula Guttilla


Chickadee in Snowstorm by Paula Guttilla


Junco in Snowstorm by Paula Guttilla


Illinois Canyon May 2014 by Paula Guttilla


Skaftafell Glacier by Paula Guttilla


Dawn at Lake Myvatn by Paula Guttilla


Snaefellsnes Peninsula #1 by Paula Guttilla


Utica Fireworks by Paula Guttilla


Magic in the Sky by Paula Guttilla


Trumpeter Swan by Paula Guttilla


Bald Eagle by Paula Guttilla


Original Dancing Tree by Paula Guttilla


Starved Rock Eagle by Paula Guttilla


Winter Dreams by Paula Guttilla


Patiently Waiting 1 by Paula Guttilla


Patiently Waiting 2 by Paula Guttilla


Starved Rock Eagles by Paula Guttilla


Race Point by Paula Guttilla


Highland Lighthouse by Paula Guttilla


Illinois Canyon in Spring by Paula Guttilla


Purple Mountain Majesty by Paula Guttilla


Sun Above the Trees by Paula Guttilla


Sunrise on the I and M Canal by Paula Guttilla


Pink Rain over the Sleeping Indian by Paula Guttilla


When the Mountains Turn Pink... by Paula Guttilla

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   |   Images = 55




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