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Paula Jones

Taos, NM - United States

Paula Jones - Fine Artist

Paula Jones

Member Since: 08/27/2012

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I started painting when I turned 45 – at the urging of a very good friend who was also an artist. I was remodeling homes at the time, and a rotten plaster ceiling had fallen on my head, to which my friend said to me – “do something creative, and less physical. You are going to get hurt!!!” At the time, I couldn’t disagree with her. And so, off I went for my “first” art lesson ever – in my whole life! I had no idea where to start – from the laying out of my paints, to the sketching and putting down color. She had to hold my hand all the way through. But, it was good – the painting, I mean. It was good. An artist, was born. Now, where to go from here. My friend urged me to study with people whose art I respected – hmmm…. I knew so little about art, that I didn’t even know who I respected. So, I started devouring books. Turns out I loved Russian Impressionism. And that was where I started.

One artist in particular – Sergei Bongart – caught my eye. I loved his boldness, his color, his brushwork. And so I sought out his students – Louise Demore, Don Sahli and Guido Frick. I would drive from the middle of Kansas to Evergreen, Colorado to study with Don Sahli once a week in the middle of the winter. My thirst for knowledge about art and the process was unquenchable. I found Guido Frick, probably the most influential teachers I had. He had a freedom about his work that I couldn’t get enough of. Over the next two years I studied with him for a total of about 3 months, both in workshops and in private lessons. Then it was time to leave the nest, so to speak.

I am currently represented by Wilder Nightingale Gallery in Taos, NM. Vintage Cargo – an eclectic, beautiful boutique store owned by two wonderful men in Eureka Springs, Arkansas is also another venue that I am in. I have several paintings at Children’s Hospital in Denver, Colorado, as well as in several private law firms in Denver. I am in a collection at several dental, chiropractic and real estate offices. I am a part of a private international collection in Canada.

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Paula Jones - You and Me

You and Me

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Cutting Cords

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Paula Jones - Esmeralda


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Paula Jones - Abundance


Paula Jones

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