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Pauline Murphy

Armagh, N.Ireland - United Kingdom








Pauline Murphy

Armagh, N.Ireland - United Kingdom

Pauline Murphy - Fine Artist

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About Pauline Murphy

Pauline Murphy is an up and coming artist from Armagh in Northern Ireland. At the age of just 22, she possesses a rare raw talent for Art and in particular portraiture, studying Art only at School to which she got the highest grade in her leaving year 2009. She has received recognition from the Irish Art worlds finest and at such a young age, this creative raw talent can only flourish and prosper even further.

Pauline focuses nearly entirely on portraiture; her selection includes celebrities such as U2, Bono, Coldplay, Michael Jackson, Johnny Depp, Lady GaGa and famous figures such as Barack Obama and Martin Luther King. She uses a variety of mediums to complete her work, but her favourite medium is pencil. It is the unique and extremely detailed pencil drawings that are her signature portraits

Pauline has had her work in the Sol Art gallery's exhibition in Armagh City Hotel. In summer 2010, Pauline had her work in the famous Green Gallery in St Stephenís Green Shopping Centre Dublin. Following on from the success of the Green Gallery exhibition in August 2010, Pauline had her work exhibiting in the BallaBan Art Gallery in the Westbury Mall in Dublin. She had her work shown in two exhibitions for Arthur's Day and Dublin Fashion week September 2010. For Halloween Pauline will have her work in the Balla Ban Art Gallery's ' The Halloween Show and All things Scary'

Her work is currently featured on the newirishart website and she also has her work on a blogsite which she can count the famous Niall O'Loughlin and David Dunne as followers. She also has her own independent website. Her blog site has had international interest and views from the UK, Ireland, USA, Germany, Latvia, Australia, Spain, Italy, Canada, Russia, China, Ecuador, India, the Netherlands, Romania, Malaysia and Switzerland.

Artist Statement
My artwork is a reflection of who I am and my own personality. I decided to focus on portraiture as people and faces always seemed to me, to be the most expressive window unto the artistic form. I have additionally always had a broad interest in a range of musicians, actors, actresses and I always enjoyed recreating these people in my drawings, as their words of wisdom or inspirational oratory or lyrics transcends unto our personal make up. People inspire us, and we look to role models such as these to help us face the realities of the world. My art collection includes people who I admire, musicians who I enjoy and actors or actressí I relate to, both behind the screen and in front of it. Some of my most popular pieces include U2, Bono, Audrey Hepburn, Elvis, sex and the city girls and Barack Obama.

My mediums include the basic use of graphite pencil, these have been my signature pieces, I find that with black and white we strip bare all the razzmatazz associated with celebrities and focus is on the individual instead. Recently I have branched out into the use of acrylic coloured paint. I find the use of colour to capture the expressive nature and personalities of my chosen subject. I have only a few coloured images, Sex and the city , Audrey Hepburn and Bono. I thoroughly enjoy using colour and paint, the colours captured the vividness of the personalities and my Audrey Hepburn and sex and the city paintings are amongst my favourites to date.

I create art, but in reality my art creates me. When I lift up a pencil or a paintbrush I forget everything, and let the pencil and paintbrush guide me on the journey they take me down. The best portraits Iíve ever completed have been when Iím not thinking of a proper way to draw or shade, Iíve just let the pencil or paintbrush do that for me. I often finish a painting or drawing after spending days and many hours on a portrait, stand back and wonder why it only felt like I was working for 30 mins- and then I realise thatís the passion and love for art, and why Artistís donít live a 9- 5 kind of life.

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Audrey Hepburn by Pauline Murphy


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