Paulo Guimaraes - Fine Artist

Paulo Guimaraes

Bronx, NY - United States








Paulo Guimaraes

Bronx, NY - United States

Paulo Guimaraes - Fine Artist

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September 21st, 2012







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About Paulo Guimaraes

Bio: The journey for me has been relatively short, four years discovering what life's purpose had in store for me. At first, words flowed out of my mind in an airial dance, revealing the inner workings of my tired soul. You can imagine the cleansing my body felt each time I took pen to paper, or finger to smartphone. Eventually, this was not enough, although words can carve out an image in one's head, nothing beats the true form and shape of a visual piece to accompany it. The flame arose burning the desire for new creation. Each day was a learning experience as methods grew and ideas surfaced from the subconscious. Acrylics, oils, oil pastels, charcoal, digital, photography, more and more to fill my being and draw out the juices wanting for peace. Lessons are thought by the environment, the people walking among the land, objects looking for someone to say, 'hello,' or from deep within this being I live with daily. Evolution becomes the master to drive me towards perfection, whatever that may be, but desire will never be quelched! I move on.


Art and photography:

-'Colors' exhibition (2010), special recognition for 'The Speed of Light,'

-'Lanscape' exhibition (2011), 'Davenport Park',

-'Art Takes Times Square' exhibition (2012), NY,NY (In the heart of Times Square)

-'Cityscapes' exhibition (2012), special recognition for 'Bridges in NYC,'

-'Open' exhibition (2012), special recognition for 'No Exit,'

-November exhibition (2012),

-December exhibition (2012),

-'Nature' exhibition (2013), special recognition for'Davenport Park 1,'

-'Abstracts' exhibition (2013), special recognition for 'Untitled,'

-April exhibition (2013),

-'Exposure' exhibition (2013), See.Me gallery in Long Island City, NY

-'Uninhibited-exhibition of art created on smart phones (2013)-Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition in Red Hook, NY (September 21-October 21)

-'Creatives Rising' exhibition (2013), See.Me gallery in Long island City

-'Open' exhibition (2013), Special Merit for 'Brooklyn Bridge,'

-Art Voyage NYC (2013)-( group exhibition (Lair Lounge-201 Lafayette Street, New York, NY 10012)

-See.Me/Scope Miami-group exhibition (Dec.3-8) 2013

-SoHo Arthouse- Celebration! group exhibition (Dec.5-12) 2013

-SoHo Arthouse- Sprung! group exhibition (March 10-16) 2014

-'Abstracts' exhibition (2014), Special merit for 'Untitled 2,'

-'Open' exhibition (2014), special merit for 'Hold Tight the Heart of Serenity,'

-Art Voyage NYC group exhibition (February 6-27, 2015) (JMC Gallery and Framing, 9th avenue and 46th street, NYC)


-The Wandering, the Finding, Cafe De Soul (May 2011),

-Untitled, Cafe De Soul (July 2011),

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