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Peg Holmes

Wallaceburg, ON - Canada








Peg Holmes

Wallaceburg, ON - Canada

Peg Holmes - Fine Artist

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About Peg Holmes

Hi! I have been painting for over ten years professionally but have been working in the arts since I was a child. I have taken professional art classes but the majority of my learning is hands on. I find art truly stands for the statement 'Practice makes perfect'. I have worked in just about every medium out there with the exception of oils.

My second favorite medium is acrylic. I have been painting a series of which style is similar to Amedeo Modigliana. My first that I did in this series won an award. In my style of modernest work, I follow the theme of that genre of painting including no realism but realism that is distorted. It is not unusual to view a hand that is larger or very long faces and noses. If you have looked at this man's work, Amedeo you would understand my enjoyment in painting this way.

I enjoy painting and I paint to have fun! I can draw amazing detail. I used to drawn super realistic graphite drawings but the more I advanced in painting, the more I leaned towards the enjoyment in art. I have art on my walls that speak who I am rather than super-realism. Both my husband and I feel, if we like the work so will others!

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