Peggy Leyva Conley - Fine Artist

Peggy Leyva Conley

Rocklin, CA - United States








Peggy Leyva Conley

Rocklin, CA - United States

Peggy Leyva Conley - Fine Artist

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About Peggy Leyva Conley

Peggy Leyva-Conley was born in Hollister, California, San Benito County on the Pacific Central Coastal region raised on a Farm/Ranch with nearby Moss Landing Beach traveling on back-roads into Monterey and Santa Cruz County bordering San Benito County. In 2007 she then moved to Hendersonville, Tennessee, Old Hickory Lake area a Suburb of Nashville in the Music Industry. She released her CD titled 'Canterbury Manor' and spent eight years working at the 'Ninja Recording Sound Studio' with Sound Engineer-Bill Gramse. Memberships: Untitled Artist of Nashville, Monthaven Art Society, Plein Air Artist of Hendersonville, United Poets Laurette International, National League American Pen Women-Nashville Branch and Order of St. Thomas of Acre (Dame). In 2014 of March during a Travel excursion she resided briefly in the Boise, Idaho area performing outdoor Photography, Writing 'Winter Season with Nature' consisting also of Poetry for Publication. This included working on Music, Pottery-Sculpture and Designing Jewelry. She currently resides in Rocklin, California near the High Sierras and Tahoe region on the outskirts of the Sacramento Valley of Placer County.

ARTIST-PAINTER & PHOTOGRAPHER: As a professional Artist-Painter she began painting at age 6 years of age and has Won many Ribbon Awards, Sold Artwork now in Private collections and received a Art Scholarship from San Benito Artist. Peggy has participated in Art Shows throughout California, Tennessee and Washington DC and enjoys specializing in mediums of Acrylic, Oil, Watercolor, Charcoal, Pastels, Graphite and Pencil. The Artist enjoys creating Landscape, Portrait, Still Life, Abstract, Expressionism Paintings and as a Photographer she enjoys filming outdoors while on travels.

MUSICIAN: As a Pianist she began at the age of 8 and performed for a Parish in the Congregation for many years and as a vocalist. As a Classical Pianist-Instrumentalist, Guitarist, Blues-Folk Vocalist she is on the Global market and can be found on,, and many other Music Distributors online the web. Peggy released Classical CD's Passages of Time in 2010 and Ancient Garden of Knowledge, Canterbury Manor in 2013, along with Blues-Folk-Bluegrass-Gospel Vocals/Guitar-Piano CD's Midnight Telephone Blues, In the Face of Blues and Mountain Blues.

TV-RADIO: Peggy has been on the 'Bammy Awards' with Legendary Bluesman John Lee Hooker, Actor Fabian and Musician Michael Osborne to help Promote a Musicians Museum at 'The Tubes Studio' in San Francisco, California. She has been on KKUP Radio Station out of the Bay Area, California and KAFM Radio out of Denver, Colorado for her Music CD's released.

AUTHOR: As a Professional Genealogist she has been published in Hardback Books, Periodicals, Newsletters around the United States, Europe and South American countries and in American Poetry Society in Hardback Anthologies and has won awards.

In the Music Industry she has also been a Author as a former Associate Editor/Columnist, Interviewer, Publicist for the 'Delta Snake Blues Magazine' for top leading Musicians globally. Also she has been published in 'All Access Rock Magazine', 'Nashville Jazz Magazine' and on SSRN the Social Science Research Network per 'Holistic Healing through Music and Art'. The Author has Preliminary Cookbooks and Art-Photography books to release onto the global market upcoming.

ORGANIZATION: The Artist and Writer has served from (2010-2013) as the President of the National League of American Pen Women-Nashville Branch for women (Artist, Writers and Musicians) a organization headquartered in Washington DC with 130 branches spread throughout the country.

The Artist is the founder of 'Creative Endeavors Art Designs' a Clothing Apparel and Accessories business online the web and is a Member of Monthaven Art Society, Plein Air Artist of Hendersonville, and Untitled Artist of the Nashville, Tennessee.

The Artist has been in the Aerospace and Telecommunications Industry for over 20 years in the High Tech Industry. As a Configuration Manager in the Engineering and Computer Science field she is Certified from Phoenix Arizona State University and Oracle-Sun Microsystems Technical school.


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