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Penny OHalloran

Bend, OR - United States








Penny OHalloran

Bend, OR - United States

Penny OHalloran - Fine Artist

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About Penny OHalloran

I remember the day I discovered my passion for art, when in Kindergarten I first stood in front of an easel with fingerpaints dripping from my hands. Wide-eyed and full of wonder, the world had suddenly become very big and full of color! The magic of that first moment has never left me, and painting remains one of my favorite forms of artistic expression. A paint brush feels more like a magic wand in my hand.

I paint from my heart, attempting to put life lessons into a visual form and depict deep meanings through a piece of art. It's my hope that others will connect with those pieces in a way that's unique to them. For this reason, I love to paint in a slightly surreal way, so that each person sees what they most need to see at the moment.

Watercolor is my favorite medium. I find its wild unpredictability exciting, and I've learnd so much from learning how to paint with watercolor: Letting go of my preconceived notion of what I want to do with the painting, allowing the paint freedom to be what it wants to be, and accepting the new direction the watercolor takes without censure or criticism. What great life lessons! I'm currently experimenting with acrylics, ink, and charcoal, finding new forms of expression with those mediums. I'm also developing a style of altered photography that I find very exciting. I have more ideas than I have time to create. But then, life is magical in that way, when we're doing what we love best!


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