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Pete Maier

Lawrenceville, GA - United States








Pete Maier

Lawrenceville, GA - United States

Pete Maier - Fine Artist

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About Pete Maier

Born and raised in Neptune,New Jersey,Pete began his love of nature.Close proximity to the ocean as well as the bay gave him an appreciation of the color,contrast and emotion of a scene. At the time he was too young to realize how this genuine appreciation of the world around him would manifest itself later in life with a career in art.

'Being an artist wasn't a conscious decision, it was inevitable.'

One of his favorite TV shows as a child was 'Learning to Draw' with Jon Nagy. Learning perspective and getting a drawing to resemble his idol was something that came naturally to him. He recognized he had some talent which gave him the confidence to keep practicing.

'Then music entered my life and added a new dimension to my love of the arts.'

It didn't take long for Pete's love of music to become a full time endeavor. Playing,traveling and teaching music provided a new muse where he was very successful. When he traveled to Saudi Arabia to entertain the troops during the Gulf War he realized how important music and the arts are to others. How it lifts your spirits, eases your mind and provides an escape.

'And it became important to me to share my enjoyment with others.'

During a Christmas shopping excursion where Pete was buying art supplies for his son Freddy,he decided to purchase a set of watercolors and an artist's magazine for himself. Immediately the joy and passion for fine art came flooding back and he hasn't stopped learning and painting since.

'I find the time to fit both fine art and music in my life.'

Pete moved to Georgia in 2004 to be closer to his family. The yearly visits made him realize it would be a great place to raise his own family.This move brought his work to another level. The change in landscape and the artists and art groups he has been involved with expanded his repertoire and constantly feed his daily desire to create.

'The arts feed my soul and my family supports me'

After being asked to paint portraits of family and friends, Pete found a new set of challenges to embrace with each subject he would draw or paint.Having a client sit for a portrait and seeing the joy on their face when it's finished is similar to the immediate gratification of playing music to a live audience. Whether painting from life or a photo every piece reveals something new.

' Enjoy the Experience'

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