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Pete Moyes

Appledore, North Devon - United Kingdom








Pete Moyes

Appledore, North Devon - United Kingdom

Pete Moyes - Fine Artist

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About Pete Moyes

From The Canyons Of My Mind :-

I am a 54 year old photographer /artist Living in North Devon U.K. I have been interested in art and photography since my early school days and have often had people tell me that I should put my work up for sale. Most of my work is photography based though some is purely digital.

My art work is designed to let the viewer see what is relevant to them, what is suggested by their own imaginations. as I feel that this is where the real art is, in ones own mind, what each piece means to the individual and makes them feel. I know what I see in each work (mine and others) but that is not necessarily what anyone else sees, hence the title of this page.

I also feel that this applies to photography and what I see and get out of each piece may not be the same as the person standing next to me,but that to me is the nature of Art - just like beauty, it is in the eye of the beholder (and from the canyons of my mind).


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Misty Waves on The Groynes by Pete Moyes


Bolt by Pete Moyes


Mystic Moon by Pete Moyes


Daphne The European Eagle Owl by Pete Moyes


Water under the Bridge by Pete Moyes


Melting in Freefall by Pete Moyes


A Different Eclipse by Pete Moyes


And the Tide Came In by Pete Moyes


Onward Flies The Bird by Pete Moyes


Sunset Dip by Pete Moyes


Reflections of Sunset by Pete Moyes


Abstract Ammonite by Pete Moyes


A Look Back to Childhood by Pete Moyes


Instow Sunrise by Pete Moyes


A Field of Flowers by Pete Moyes


Storm Clouds Rolling In by Pete Moyes


Slipway At Sunset by Pete Moyes


Evening Poppies by Pete Moyes


The Old Slipway at Sunset by Pete Moyes


Dusk on the River by Pete Moyes


Afternoon in the poppy field by Pete Moyes


Sunset over the Meadow by Pete Moyes


The Slipway by Pete Moyes


Splash by Pete Moyes

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   |   Images = 72





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