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Pete Tapang

Ashburn, VA - United States








Pete Tapang

Ashburn, VA - United States

Pete Tapang - Fine Artist

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Born in Frankfurt Germany in 1980, some people think Pete was born with a pencil in his hand. Believe it or not, it wasn't until one cheesy day at Sunday school that Pete picked up a pencil and started to draw. Besides taking an art class in high school, he never went to college or took special classes to learn how to draw. Pete believes that art is from the heart ... 'No one can really teach you how to do it, only guide you.'

A question that may cross your mind after seeing Pete's art is, 'Why are most of them women?'. Pete says, 'People like to draw what they feel is beautiful! Some people like buildings, landscapes, retarded poodles, chipmunks, or even smurfs, but I think that the most beautiful creation that God ever made was the woman, so why not draw that. Throughout the years I have spent drawing, I realized that every artist has a job to do and I believe that my job as an artist is to cause a little trouble and get people to think a little bit. A man once told me that in a world of media bombardment, it's truly a great thing when a simple drawing can still shock and provoke an audience. It shows that the art still has power.

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