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Peter Art Gallery - Paintings Photos Posters Prints

Wuerzburg, Bavaria - Germany








Peter Art Gallery - Paintings Photos Posters Prints

Wuerzburg, Bavaria - Germany

Peter Art Gallery - Paintings Photos Posters Prints - Fine Artist

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Buy fine art prints and posters, printed artworks of paintings, drawings, illustrations, photos, images, digital art, graphic designs and more, all printed by Fine Art America, the premier online marketplace for fine art originals, prints and posters. Enjoy museum quality art prints on paper, canvas, acrylic, metal, framed, on greeting cards, pillows and phone cases, printed in all sizes at reasonable prices right here at Fine Art America. Find Peter`s collection of unique artworks by searching for 'Peter Art Gallery - Paintings, Photos, Prints, Posters' in Google Search or any other search engine !

Welcome to artist Peter`s Fine Art Gallery, an online gallery with a growing collection of American and European paintings, illustrations, drawings, digital artworks, painted artworks, color photos, black & white photography, collages, cartoons, oil paintings, watercolors, aquarels, landscape paintings, still life paintings, painted pictures, Pop Art prints, Modern Art prints, Abstract Art prints, Contemporary Art prints, Digital Art prints, Fantasy Art prints, Designer prints, Decorative Art, Impressionism, Expressionism, Surrealism, Photo Realism, American Regionalism, Vintage Art posters, Art Deco posters, American style posters, graphic designs and other artworks.

The ARTWORKS: At this gallery all artworks will be printed on paper, stretched or rolled in a tube, as beautiful art prints, canvas prints, acrylic prints, metal prints, framed prints, available in big size formats up to 84 inches, even on greeting cards and phone cases, all professionally shipped within three business days, coming with a no questions asked, 30 day return policy. All artworks are printed from the original digital file of the artist. So all prints and posters are printed in Premium Quality, which is much better than regular mass products. Fine Art America really does an excellent job. Artist Peter`s artworks are beautifying the walls of offices, hotels, hospitals and private homes and are a joy for all customers.

All artworks in this gallery are the original artworks of German artist Peter Potter (Artboook). All artworks are for sale as On Demand Fine Art Prints and protected by American and International Copyright laws. IMPORTANT: Our watermark will NOT appear on any fine art prints, canvas prints, framed prints, acrylic prints, metal prints, art posters, phone cases or greeting cards !

The ARTIST: Many people are wondering, why Peter`s collection of artworks is so diversified. But the artist has always been open to all styles, representing in a certain way, what America is all about: DIVERSITY. In artist Peter`s Portfolio you will mainly find American Fine Art prints and posters, and AMERICA is the main theme in most of his artworks: he photographed US cities, painted landscapes of the American West, produced interesting collages, and in the era of computers, he extended his collection with digital artworks. Many of these artworks strike the eye with their intense colors, unusual effects or unexpected photographic angles. Artist Peter started painting at the age of 9, discovered his interest in graphic artworks, especially American art, studied at a German art and design school, and travelled through North America for many years, from where he took home thousands of impressions inspiring him to his artworks. Artist Peter`s techniques were influenced by painters like artist Vincent Van Gogh, artist Salvador Dali and artist Edward Hopper, but also by the photos and posters of the National Geographic Magazine.

ARTIST PORTFOLIO: Artist Peter`s Fine Art Gallery offers several art sections, in which you can see all the variety of his artistic work: the PAINTING sections (AMERICA and EUROPE) feature his original artworks, painted in watercolor, tempera, oil, pencil, ink, brush, mixed media and other art techniques. The artist painted cities, landscapes, portraits, collages, most of them American designs, but some European artworks, too, which were created between 1967 and 1999. In the FANTASY ART and the DIGITAL ART sections you can see the artist`s modern artworks, created digitally between 2000 and today. In the PHOTOGRAPHY sections the artist shows his talent as a photographer, showcasing photos from 1980 until today, most of them taken on his journeys through North America. So AMERICA, CANADA, MEXICO and WESTERN ART are large regional sections, whereas other sections specialize in cities, states or landscapes, like NEW YORK, SAN FRANCISCO, CHICAGO, CALIFORNIA, UTAH, BALLOONING, POLITICS, NATURE, TRANSPORTATION, just to name a few. The AMERICA POSTER section presents the artist`s graphic design works, while the sections COLLAGE ART, CARTOON ART and MODERN ART offer very different art styles. In the BEST SELLER ART section finally, you can buy art prints, which have been sold frequently.


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