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Peter J Sucy

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Peter J Sucy

Hilton, NY - United States

Peter J Sucy - Fine Artist

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About Peter J Sucy

My adventure into the digital art world began in early 1984, shortly after purchasing my first computer, a Macintosh 128K. The Macintosh came with a copy of MacPaint, which I immediately began experimenting with. First with illustrations and in 1985, with the addition of a Thunderscan scanner, I began editing my own photos years before the term digital photography would become known. IMO, the computer is the most powerful creative tool yet conceived. Over the last quarter century I've been able to experiment with desktop publishing, music creation, audio visual production, 2D vector illustration, interactive & interface design, object oriented programming, digital photography, video editing, 3D modeling, animation, lenticular imaging, web site design, fractal generation and so much more all thanks to the empowerment of the computer.

Currently, I use several 3D programs to create my virtual dioramas and 3d abstracts. Digital images uniquely can remain works-in-progress for a lifetime, if you so desire. Sort of like a non-hardening clay that you can go back and re-work whenever inspiration strikes again, be it months or even years later. The ability to save images at various steps in the creative process allows you go back and take a different path forward, usually yielding a very different result. What other artistic medium allows you to do that? A perfectionist's nirvana (or hell depending the severity of your symptoms!).

My primary medium these days is 3D lenticular transparencies. Lenticular printing is a process for printing 3D information on a 2D print. With the use of an overlying lens sheet these images can be viewed in 3D without the use of special glasses. Nearly all my virtual creations are or will soon be available in limited editions of ten (and two artist proofs) 3D transparencies. Each will come with a custom designed, acrylic, LED backlit display sculpture in a variety of styles and colors. The LED panel is so thin that it is hidden under the transparency bezel along with the transparency. Resting on clear acrylic standoffs, the panel seems to float in space in front of the wall, while the 3D image appears to recede into the wall. The LED panel is ultra bright, low voltage and color matched to the transparencies, for viewing as I intended. You can see some conceptual images in the 3D lenticular gallery on my website .


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