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Philip White

Knoxville, TN - United States








Philip White

Knoxville, TN - United States

Philip White - Fine Artist

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About Philip White

'Imaginary Reality' is what I create.
I don't portray total 100% accuracy... a camera normally does that and does it well. What I render is reality with a touch of improvement. Reality shows a scene which would have been so much better if the tree had been ten feet to the left; the scraggly bush removed completely; the dead leaves brought back to full vibrant life; the dull sky just a little bluer; the animal or person who is no longer present, now back where they were before; etc, etc... but the artist is not restricted to any of these limitations of reality! Yes, artistic license is not a bad thing when you take what is there and improve upon it so it looks more dynamic when viewed... or hanging on a wall.
I am an artist of imaginary reality.


Please visit my website for not only more art but my original music as well. Thanks!


About the artist...
Philip White is both a studious and in-depth self-taught artist; a Parisian art school graduate; and was a private student of a well-known nature and landscape artist. Combined with an inventive artistic/creative nature, all this experience adds-up to a career which has produced decades of highly original and unique creations!

When looking for Philip's vast assortment of art on the Internet, literally thousands of pieces can be found under his unique signature of 'pdw'... and even more of his work circulates with no signature whatsoever (he has created several thousand original renderings for music videos which have never been signed).

In addition to creating highly detailed surreal fine art and musical compositions, Philip produces caricatures, illustrations, and cartoons in his spare time.

Ramblings from the artist...

'Everyone has a story to tell.

Our culture, family, fears, faith, joys, beliefs, education, exposures, and life experiences make us who we are. As creative individuals, all these things color our art and the work of our hands.

Our creations, (whether we want them to or not), become an extension of our self and reflect who we are, where we have been, and where we might want to go.

We receive joy, approval and satisfaction when others view our art and derive some degree of positive understanding because we realize they are seeing and feeling a piece of our self. '

'I often hear artists state, 'I can't paint this, I won't paint that.' Why not? There's really no reason not to excel at your craft. The purist might say to study, learn, practice and hewn your skills so you can tackle anything… no matter the difficulty. The impurist would say that various technologies are at our disposal which can assist and help us venture-out beyond our self-imposed limitations. I say... the whole world's at your fingertips, go welcome it into your art! '

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