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Pius Kendakur

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Pius Kendakur

Bangalore, India - India

Pius Kendakur - Fine Artist

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About Pius Kendakur

As an Abstract Artist I believe that Abstract Art often bypasses the intellect and speaks to the heart rather than the head leaving the viewer to discover their own meanings and interpretations. These interpretations can change overtime giving the viewer even more enhanced perspectives and imaginations. Looking at an abstract form can trigger one set of interpretations while up close new mysteries can be revealed. Most of my themes are based on a combination of Biocentrism and evolved Cubism.
My goal is to engage the subconscious mind through the use of these representations.

My love of texture, and the ability it provides to create the feeling of age, depth and sculptural dimension, allows me to add mood and mystery to the painting. I often use a raw gauze above the canvas to give depth. By creating deep highs and lows, it suggests a feeling or direction I want the painting to go in. Then I add the color.
Adding depth to a canvas, changes how a piece is viewed. It introduces surreal opalescent effect that draws the viewer in. This can create shadows, changing the mood of the painting as the light moves across itís surface.

With every painting, my intention is to explore technical as well as creative goals. I often find myself needing to create a new tool or process to accomplish the effect I wish to create. I find not being bound by traditional methods gives me the freedom to be as inventive and innovative as my creative inspiration allows.
Someone looking at a painting, and being deeply affected by it, completes the circle. I create the art and hope that it touches an individual on a deeply personal and elemental level. Every time that happens, I have succeeded in my goal. The final communication of the paintings intent is completed in the viewers mind.The painting is the end result of a journey. I hope you enjoy traveling with me.

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