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Prakash Pathre

Mumbai, Maharashtra - India








Prakash Pathre

Mumbai, Maharashtra - India

Prakash Pathre - Fine Artist

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About Prakash Pathre

Besides being copywriter-editor I am a self-taught designer, artist and calligrapher. Studying in multiple languages has lent me an edge in understanding various scripts, languages and their forms. Being total net savvy and having studied different artists and their styles it was not difficult to understand human art vis-a vis machine art.

When strokes go berserk in all directions possible, a known shapes and forms emerge. The calligraphic combination of scripts written from right to left and other way round is interestingly lethal. The experiments are continuing till date; sometimes liked and sometimes otherwise.

I do not confine Calligraphy to any defined letters and scripts but believe in free form. I feel the form. It is there to feel and not to read. The permutations enchant me and give me energy to create newer and newer forms.

Calligraphy to me is an expression, an identity, a stroke, a creation in one breath. It is like a wavy rendition or a taan in Hindustani Music in one breath. But the most important thing is energy that gets transferred from artist onto the support he has chosen and the pleasure that is imparted to the viewers.

After all, any art form should please one and please all.

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Majaz Lakhnawi by Prakash Pathre


Ahmad Faraz by Prakash Pathre


Asad Ullah Khan Ghalib by Prakash Pathre


Faiz Ahmed Faiz by Prakash Pathre


Allama Iqbal by Prakash Pathre


Kaifi Azmi by Prakash Pathre


Seemab Akbarabadi by Prakash Pathre


Jan Nissar Akhtar by Prakash Pathre


Floating Que by Prakash Pathre


Intricacy by Prakash Pathre


Lord Ganesha by Prakash Pathre


Rhythm 1 by Prakash Pathre


Trail by Prakash Pathre

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