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Priscilla Pomeroy

Cuernavaca, Morelos - Mexico








Priscilla Pomeroy

Cuernavaca, Morelos - Mexico

Priscilla Pomeroy - Fine Artist

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About Priscilla Pomeroy

With both of my parents being artists my first lesson in life was FREEDOM.
Ever since my early teens I have been experimenting with art, first I became an actress leading me to write & produce my own short films, learning makeup characterization, special effects wardrobe & production. My hunger for expression lead me to a deep self examination that transformed in to a very profound carrier in self portrait photography that transformed me into a self taught Photoshop artistry expect.
My main goal is to communicate & exploit a very simple organic message, the absolute knowledge of oneself leading to acceptance & absolute creative freedom. By not taking one’s ego seriously I have experienced how my emotions morphed in to an open portal for art in all its forms .
My expectations are very humble; I desire to provoke passion and self esteem by representing it in my photography, books, films & plastic arts hopefully available to all the public without having to damage their economy, I BELIEVE ART IS FREE, FOR ALL. YOU CAN’T PUT A PRICE TO ART.
My work in plastic arts is as sincere as my other passions, all I have learned has been from observing and practice, i have no room for judgment or complications. For me art simply IS as one exists, breaths and walks. My art is liberating, it exists only to eyes of my public and for their personal points of view. My politics in life translate very easily to my art, it’s all about dangling in the edge of sanity for me, there is no evil, no ridicule, only freedom.
Although my primary elements are blood, horror, high contrast, sarcasm, monsters & obscenely bright colors, my ultimate statement is not to shock but rather teach, not wanting sound arrogant…I live to teach freedom by exposing natural & unnatural states of the human psychology that may pursue others to experiment freely with their own inner voice.

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Heart by Priscilla Pomeroy


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Let them eat cake by Priscilla Pomeroy


Miles and Flora by Priscilla Pomeroy

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