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Rachel Christine Nowicki

Pella, IA - United States

Rachel Christine Nowicki - Fine Artist

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About Rachel Christine Nowicki

~ Art is the signature of Man . . . the Artist, the Creative, the Dreamer, is the signature of God. ~

Rachel Christine Nowicki ✝ © Copyright 2015 All images in my website are registered under copyright. Tweets... @notasparrow

. . . hi, I'm Rachel . . . welcome! As an Artist I have had a lifetime love affair with nature and the world around me and have spent that lifetime portraying it through an array of artistic mediums as seen through my eyes.

✿ ✿ ✿ My first book is now available online through Barnes & Noble, Amazon and Authorhouse Publishers. The title is 'Sweet Dreams and Starry Nights'. It's a story of a little girl who gets a book on her birthday which turns out to be magical. ✿ ✿ ✿ I am also listed on Zazzle http://www.zazzle.com/notasparrow where you can buy t-shirts and other collectibles with my art. (a work in progress) If you're interested in seeing an illustration of mine on the site, send me an email and I'll put it up asap! I also tweet @notasparrow

Thanks to all of you who have made a purchase or added a kind comment to my work. Your support means everything to me! If you're interested in any kind of custom work, illustrations, portraits or fine art, or purchasing originals, I would love to work with you! Send me an email and we can talk about your project.

Be Blessed!


She was often contemplating her self worth, her value as a human being and as an artist. It seems no matter where she went virtually or in a real way, the interactions that take place always have an aspect about them of measuring up, the value of what is being presented. Every word spoken or written is being evaluated, and either it is embraced, tossed aside or not considered. Some people have a keen ability to listen deeply, while others do not. In many places she never knew with any kind of certainty of who even considered what she presented, and granted some of those places she did not care about so much, while there were other places that she put her heart out, where she was known by others. It was in these places she wondered about. Nevertheless you have to consider the brokenness of the world and the inhabitants in it, and friend or not, they will never consistently be a worthy model of any kind to measure, define or evaluate your life by. God alone is the only one worthy to be considered for such a standard.

As an artist she was certainly interested in having others like what she did, yet it was not a necessity that it be liked, because in the creation of anything artistic whether it was spoken, written or drawn on a piece of paper, the true satisfaction and joy come from within that creative birth place that God gives her and she gives back to him, and it is in these moments that whatever ecstasies occur happen in this early place of creation, and it is there that they remain, forever written into those secret places of her heart and etched into the fabric of the created piece those many unspoken words sketched in pen & pencil...forever will they speak. They are for her as they are for any artist a very private and secret place of joy. It is a personal and holy dwelling of a divine joy that cannot be compared or measured against any earthly compliment or favor. So why did she care so much. There is always the thought, the temptation of living in this world to get back some kind of worldly blessing, some earthly glittery piece of silver and gold in acknowledgement for the things you have done and who you are, the glorious pat on the head by your loyal peer group and followers, ever enchanted by your mere presence. If though the love you receive is truly sincere and genuine, without pretense or silliness, then I believe that is something to care about as though given by the hand of God. To have the favor of man while being a good thing, is not the end all. It is not the source of joy, though it can bring joy.

Some of her wondering and curiosity about such creative visions, was as if those created things of her heart, were being swept up by a strong wind and carried out over the hills to the sea faraway and never to return, like a flurry of dead leaves spiraling in the air, such was the audience standing before her. Once in a great while, far away from thought and mind, that creative message, that little piece of art placed with care in a bottle, floating somewhere out at sea was returned to her by some mortal soul. The beauty of the moment of her heart she gave out, that beating thing was felt far away by some other living being, picked up out of the water where it was embraced and loved. Oh the little miracles of life. It was for these alone her heart cherished the love of strangers. These unknown divine souls, beloved and living mysteries of life, were like messengers of God to her. When no one else cared, God did. It was after all he she was performing for, her real audience of one. You would not think it would be something easy to forget, but such is the draw of this earthly existence.


Rachel's Bio . . .

Rachel started her art career early in life as a child, with strong influences from her mother and grandmother who were both accomplished in the visual arts. Her father was very creative and also exceptionally skilled in crafts and woodworking. So it appears she was pre-destined from birth for a creative way of life. She took her first private art classes when she was in the first grade.

She attended Southern Illinois University after finishing high school, then transferred to the School of the Art Institute of Chicago where she received her BFA in painting & drawing. While at the Art Institute in addition to her painting and drawing classes she studied film, film history, animation, anatomy, scientific illustration, graphic design, ceramic sculpture, holography & 3D time arts. She also studied commercial art, illustration, advertising and watercolor painting at the American Academy of Art in Chicago for two years.

Rachel has been employed in the arts as a museum nature display artist & sculptor, illustrator, designer, muralist, graphic artist, technical illustrator and has spent many years serving the public with a reputation for consistently exceeding client expectations in her paintings and drawings. She has done hundreds of black & white pencil drawings of dogs & cats and in 1999 had an article written about her in a polish dog magazine in Europe called “Wouf”. She has done her own 35mm photography since high school and transitioned to digital over the past few years.

She has done charity work for local churches in her community as well as professional organizations such as the American Cancer Society and has also shared her art skill with local neighborhood schools. She has exhibited her art in numerous art shows in the Chicago area and in Southern Illinois, and has work in private collections around the world.

Rachel currently resides in Pella, Iowa.


School of the Art Institute of Chicago undergraduate exhibition

Traveling Peace exhibit show

Balmoral Art Show

Lincoln Mall art & craft exhibit

School of the Art Institute of Chicago alumni 3” x 4” traveling show

South Holland gallery of art show 2003

South Holland gallery of art show 2004

South Holland gallery of art show 2005

South Holland gallery of art show 2006

South Holland gallery of art show 2007

Art around the square, Fusion Lounge Carbondale October 2008

Fusion Lounge, Carbondale, IL 2008

Varsity Theatre grand opening, Carbondale 2008

Rustle Hill winery, October 11-17, 2008

Art Lovers gallery Carbondale, IL

Art around the square, Hair Brains, Carbondale May 2009

Art around the square, Alliance Investment, Carbondale October 2009

Rend Lake College, Individual Show, Ina, IL February 11 - March 3 2010

Marion, IL Art on the Square ~ 2011.

Third Reformed Church, Pella, Iowa ~ 'Stations of the Cross' - 2013

She has also shown her work in numerous neighborhood community shows in the Chicago area.

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