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Rae Berge

Portland, OR - United States








Rae Berge

Portland, OR - United States

Rae Berge - Fine Artist

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November 12th, 2012







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About Rae Berge

Isn't a Bio a funny thing, I find myself laughing trying to find a handful of words that will adequately describe myself and my art. Putting that aside I'm sure you would like to know the basics, like did I go to school to learn my craft? No. The work you see is attributed to personal passion and luck. A good friend once told me, 'I know when I'm taking a great shot, because I get this feeling from deep inside,' and thats true!
I remember being a teenager going to local galleries with my two best friends, I would always beg them to go back to this one gallery where I would stand and look at the same painting for hours. I would view it at different times both day and night wishing I could take that panting home. Wishing even more that I could stop someone's life the way that artist had mine. To be able to create artwork that could lure people into my artistic world.
To me thats what art is, another world a feeling that comes from deep inside of you. A feeling that makes you want too get lost inside of a picture. My desire is to bring that feeling of being lost, and mesmerized, too you with my photography.

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Beckoning you by Rae Berge


Side By Side by Rae Berge


Intensity by Rae Berge


Forever by Rae Berge


Hard Woman by Rae Berge


Fleeting wish by Rae Berge


Where Is It by Rae Berge


Pop The Top by Rae Berge


Flowering glass by Rae Berge


Wooden Bee by Rae Berge


Iris tongue by Rae Berge


Protective bee by Rae Berge


Bird in hiding by Rae Berge


Lovely pedals by Rae Berge


Face as strong as wood by Rae Berge


Old Graves by Rae Berge


Grave house by Rae Berge


Wood and Stone by Rae Berge


Celtic Cross by Rae Berge


Pondering Memorizes by Rae Berge


Thinking Angel by Rae Berge


Three's A Charm by Rae Berge


Sun On The Butte by Rae Berge


Leaves Dancing In The Wind by Rae Berge

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