Rajesh Buhecha - Fine Artist

Rajesh Buhecha

Mumbai, Maharashtra - India








Rajesh Buhecha

Mumbai, Maharashtra - India

Rajesh Buhecha - Fine Artist

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About Rajesh Buhecha

Well Come to the creative world of RB

Rajesh H Buhecha

I am a young God gifted artist painter, inspired by beauty of nature and surroundings, struggling with eager desires to learn the subject in depth by studying the works of the masters of this art.

My art work’s are extraordinary outcome of imagination put in form of painting by mixing instances of life and reality with the help of colors & brushes on canvas.

Every artwork of mine is the result of true passion that is converted into an idea and then into the final work with complete heart and soul, every painting of mine is full of life and description of life. Each of my paintings describes life in different moods, colors and emotions depending on the subject and theme likewise. I enjoy painting the beauty, the beauty of human body and the soul. I love to paint the Expressions of both Living and Nonliving Objects, expressions like Peace, Harmony, Love, Hate, Anger, Emotions, Sorrows, Pains and the Spirits of people in different faces and figures and this is because my art have become the medium for me to express my own expressions through it. And thus, the art has become a part of my heart.

Every original Artwork of mine goes with a Authentication certificate stating that this fine piece of art that you are buying is an “Original Artwork” hand painted by me and this painting is the one and only exclusive piece of its kind and may not be repeated by me unless or otherwise without your (Beholder/ Possessor of the artwork) permissions attested by my signature and seal.

The camera is my eye and the pictures my vision
The pen is my tongue and poems my speech
Canvas is my mind and paintings my thoughts


The drawing I made, remained a sketch in my mind
Well I could not paint it……
Lifeless a creation it laid there
Well I could not put in the life……..
And now it stares at me all the time
As if asking me why?
“What have you done to me?”
“Why did you leave me half alive?”

Rajesh H Buhecha.

Artist by “Passion”
My Creative and Artistic knowledge is “God gifted”
And appreciated by mankind

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