Reggie Duffie - Fine Artist

Reggie Duffie

Randallstown, MD - United States








Reggie Duffie

Randallstown, MD - United States

Reggie Duffie - Fine Artist

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August 6th, 2008







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About Reggie Duffie

Reggie Duffie of Duffie and Duffie Visual Designs, creates custom artwork and portraits, and can create a custom portrait from your photo. Most of his recent artwork and design is created digitally, combining years of traditional art techniques with the ever-expanding capabilities of digital painting. These detailed digital paintings are all originals, created by the artist's hand from scratch using a simple track ball mouse as a virtual paint brush and the computer screen as a virtual canvas. (NO PRE-DRAWING OR LINE DRAWING, NO TRACING OR DIGITAL MANIPULATION, NO ALTERING OF SCANNED OR DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHS OR IMAGES AND NO USING FILTERS . . . THIS IS REAL DIGITAL PAINTING, BAR NONE) Because each print is made from the original digital file, each print should be considered an original piece of art, not a copy. Digital Images are available in any size canvas or glossy print, signed and numbered by artist. For any information or specific requests or sizes please contact artist ---- Reggie is also a gifted versatile multi-medium artist specializing in traditional and conventional art work ranging from oil on canvas, water color, pencil drawings, and pastels. When it come to graphic art, Duffie and Duffie Visual Designs is a one stop shop.
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Heisenberg And Mister White by Reggie Duffie


Yesterday Is Gone And Walter White Is Breaking Bad by Reggie Duffie


Moms by Reggie Duffie


A Man Called Jesus by Reggie Duffie


6 Ballerinas Dancing by Reggie Duffie


Wisdom Cries-out by Reggie Duffie


Tree of Life Peering at Tree of Knowledge - The Genesis Series by Reggie Duffie


The Tree of Knowledge -The Genesis Series by Reggie Duffie


Being Ray Charles1 by Reggie Duffie


Game Changers and Table Runners P2 by Reggie Duffie


Gangsta by Reggie Duffie


The Game Changers and Table runners by Reggie Duffie


DREAM OR PROPHECY - Dr Rev Martin Luther King Jr by Reggie Duffie


Generation Blu - New Birth by Reggie Duffie


What A Wonderful World - Mister Louis Armstrong by Reggie Duffie


Da Satchmo N Me 1a by Reggie Duffie


Pops by Reggie Duffie


Mi Chica -Joy of Salvation-1a by Reggie Duffie


Under The X Factor 2 by Reggie Duffie


Ma-Mamie by Reggie Duffie


Tea Party-Let em eat cake-1 by Reggie Duffie


This Is A Big ------- Deal by Reggie Duffie


A Family Portrait by Reggie Duffie


The Ballerina by Reggie Duffie

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