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Renee Holder

Little Rock, Arkansas - United States








Renee Holder

Little Rock, Arkansas - United States

Renee Holder - Fine Artist

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About Renee Holder

I, like most people I suppose, really don't like to write about themselves. For several days now I have been telling myself I can do that later...well later is here...
Trying to put myself into a paragraph is hard, BECAUSE, I seem to rattle on and on with no real format. I promise I will be short.

First things first, all my photography or mixed media art is copy written.

I am Renee Holder, a country girl from central Arkansas. From an early age in life I was drawn to anything that inspired me to be creative. I love coloring, yes with crayons, making jewelry, yes with glass and rocks, canvas art, faux finishing, art journaling, yes with found art from magazines, books etc, and photography. Usually I would be doing several projects at once..I have a hard time being still and the only way I can describe it is what Shakespeare said...'Though this be madness yet there is method in it.'
So!!! Through all of this, I have finally found balance with photography.

Art/photography for me is therapy. Everyday, all around me I find inspiration through the lens of my camera. I can't explain and not sure that I even want to. It brings such peace and joy, whether I am painting with a brush, a can of spray paint or capturing life through the lens of my camera. Art is so powerful, whether it is with mixed media or photography, because it can stir your soul, make you laugh or cry, arouse your sense of smell and thoughts, create moods or take you on a journey.

My photographs are straight from the camera with no editing other than cropping, black and white, sepia, or soft focusing. I work very diligent in trying to capture the essence of what I call pure photography and for that I am very proud to have been able to capture what I have. At some point I may try the enhancing programs but I have no time for that now...just pure photography.

I hope that anyone that sees/purchases my photographs will find inspiration with their own interpretations of my art.

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