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Rex E Ater

Kansas City, KS - United States








Rex E Ater

Kansas City, KS - United States

Rex E Ater - Fine Artist

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About Rex E Ater

My interest in photography started as a young man. My goal was to be able to capture what was seen through my eyes and share with others. I have learned the way film and now digital sees light different compared to our eyes and the ways to use it to my advantage. The result is quality photographs that have been enjoyed by many people. By learning the technical aspect of photography I am free to enjoy the artistic expression of my craft.

My main goal is still to capture the beauty that is all around us but nobody slows down enough to see. I make them pause, I evoke an emotion, and it is a calm peaceful place. It appeals to the escapist in all of us, relax and go there for a while. I hope you viewing my images and can find a place in your home or business to display them. Check out more photographs at

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Elephant head wildflower by Rex E Ater


Primula Group by Rex E Ater


Hay Fields by Rex E Ater


Panoramic Tetons by Rex E Ater


Sunset Sail by Rex E Ater


Key's Escape by Rex E Ater


Pacific Sunset by Rex E Ater


Windmill with Log by Rex E Ater


Long Road by Rex E Ater


Fall Morning by Rex E Ater


Kansas City Night by Rex E Ater


Winding River Valley by Rex E Ater


Sprauge Lake by Rex E Ater


Colorado Lake Reflection by Rex E Ater


Teton Sunset by Rex E Ater


Rock Family by Rex E Ater


Wildflower Stream by Rex E Ater


Oregon Coast 2 by Rex E Ater


Breakers by Rex E Ater


Highway 101 Oregon by Rex E Ater


Stormy Ocean by Rex E Ater


Goosberry Falls by Rex E Ater


Hoh Rain forest Road by Rex E Ater


Hoh Rainforest by Rex E Ater

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