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Richard Bramante

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Richard Bramante

Tewksbury, MA - United States

Richard Bramante - Fine Artist

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About Richard Bramante

Native of New England, born along the Charles River in Cambridge, raised and married in Medford Massachusetts. My place of residence is Massachusetts but I travel throughout the New England area. My photos are images from the seashore to the mountains of New England. I like using my camera to record the people, places or things found within the New England states. I do wander from the region from time to time and create images from the places I have visited away from my New England.

My interest in photography started at a very young age. I would peruse the pages of LIFE magazine pondering the images captured by talented photographers. At that time, my interest level was not in the technology used to capture the image but about the the people. places and things that were captured by the lenses eye. I wanted to see what the image was telling me, what was the story, what were the emotions and how they ultimately affected me. A good photo can tell a story even without written or spoken language, images are universal and traverse the boundaries determined by the differences of language, culture or country.

My image taking started at grammar school age when I received a Kodak Brownie for Christmas. I used that little box camera to capture events within family one roll at a time with twelve exposures and waiting a week or more to see the results. As I got older I moved to a newer Kodak Instamatic camera and moved to color film and then to Kodachrome slide film. Paul Simon's lyrics reverberate when I think about the number of Kodachrome rolls I had gone through in the pursuit of my photography. I eventually graduated to a SLR film camera and the exposure count increased from twelve to thirty-six exposures and I thought I had finally arrived in the big time photography area.

The advancement of digital camera technology has moved me away from film to a new medium that allows for near instant results of the photo you are creating. I believe digital photography has increased a photographer's creative ability taking their art to levels which would be extremely difficult to accomplish with film. All technological advances pushed aside to me the basic element of image creation is still the feelings imbued in the viewer when they see an image I had created. To me the true reward is the ability of touching another person's inner being with my work.

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Blue Iris by Richard Bramante


The Olde Tavern by Richard Bramante


Crossing the Penobscot by Richard Bramante


Salmon Colored Roses by Richard Bramante


Fences by Richard Bramante


Zakim over the Charles River by Richard Bramante


Sunflower in the Setting Sun by Richard Bramante


Harbinger of Winter by Richard Bramante


Fading Rose Blooms by Richard Bramante


Day Lily in Sunlight by Richard Bramante

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