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Richard McGee

Santa Monica, CA - United States








Richard McGee

Santa Monica, CA - United States

Richard McGee - Fine Artist

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About Richard McGee

Over 33 years of experience, as an artist, in the publishing and advertising field. After some college and working for a school district as a graphic artist during the 60's, I worked for an advertising agency for many years where I became well-grounded in a variety of positions. In the late 70's, I attained the position of art director and was responsible for a national magazine. After the birth of my second child, I started a casting magazine that set newsstand sales records. I then designed and co-published a music trade directory in-which I was responsible for the design, data base, promotion, advertising and printing overseas. In the 90's, I became a creative director designing trade magazines. I have won many awards for my magazine designs (Maggie's). I have also created marketing campaigns, packaging, brochures, ads & web sites for various manufcturers.

Thanks to my wife, I made a career shift and became a teacher. Now after 14 years, I teach computer graphics at a high school and get to share my experiences and knowledge with students who take my Digital Design class. Student highlights from last semester include working on projects for the Santa Monica Pier, Education Foundation, and receiving scholarships to The Art Institute, CA Arts and acceptance to Art Center College of Design.

My lung-themed artwork is digital images which I manipulate in photoshop to create the lung shapes or I design my lung shape in a studio. My primary market is respiratory therapist and doctors who enjoy trying to find the lungs. Visit to view artwork. All work Copyright 2009 Richard McGee, All Rights Reserved.

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