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Rick Spooner

Potterville, MI - United States








Rick Spooner

Potterville, MI - United States

Rick Spooner - Fine Artist

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Rick Spooner - Artist Statement

Making Memories: The majority of my artwork is focused on making memories as viewers recall days when they were younger. It might be an event, the special people in their lives, or a specific subject, which provides them a connection to their past. The remembrance of a now classic car or the lonesome sound of a train whistle as it passed through the town they grew up in. Memories of the past affect who you are today and are a way to revisit friends and family whom we may not be able to physically visit anymore. My desire is to bring back positive memories to those who view my art.

Cars, Trains, and Planes: My father was a mechanic and Ive always been fascinated by how things work and the unique beauty in the design of mechanical items. As a result the subject of much of my art revolves around transportation themes. Classic cars, planes, and trains. Memories of our past guide us on our travels today. For example my memories, working with my father on cars, continues to guide me in my work habits practiced in my art today. Click to View Gallery!

Inspiration: Most of my art is begun from still photos capturing a moment in time, which start me thinking about the possible creation of new art compositions. I enjoy commissions as well, because the subject is already chosen and because it has a special memory associated with it to the person requesting the commissioned artwork. I feel that I am helping to paint or draw their memories or bringing their memories back to life.

Medium: I enjoy pen and ink for the directness of each mark becoming a part of the final drawing. While acrylics provide a lot of flexibility, pastels and pen and ink both allow me to feel a sense of directness when working on my art. I feel like Im sculpting with the medium Ive chosen for the subject. Its a very hands on experience for me.

Process: My art projects always begin with several photo references. I work up several thumbnail sketches, a technique learned in illustration classes in college, until I find the one that will provide the strongest composition. A rough sketch is then made on the final support, illustration board, gessoed board, or canvas. Next I rough in my colors and continue to refine until completed.

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