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Ricky Sencion

Los Angeles, CA - United States








Ricky Sencion

Los Angeles, CA - United States

Ricky Sencion - Fine Artist

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I am a first generation Mexican American and self-taught artist. I was born and raised in East LA. After living in New York and San Francisco for a 10-year period, I moved back to Los Angeles and in the summer of 1998, I started my series called Little Girls.

The idea stems from a drawing I completed 27 years ago while in high school. My Little Girls are a reflection of myself; they are simple, colorful, silly, and each has a little twist to her. I use mostly acrylic and pencil on 4”x6” canvas.

Why not a “little boy?”

With a little boy I feel restricted to what I can imagine. With a little girl I feel freedom, joy, and an endless sense of possibility. It’s like playing with dolls and I get to play dress-up.

Currently, I'm also working on my latest photo series called LITTLE.LITTLE is a collection of photographs inspired from vintage toys by Fisher Price’s Little People. It is a series based on the reflections of a little boy now living as a 43-year old man. The images are culture driven and whimsical, as if seeing through a child’s eyes.

As a little boy and even as a teenager, I loved playing games alone in my room. I spent hours creating worlds and imaginary friends. With LITTLE, I get to regress and play again. With LITTLE, I have the opportunity to express and share the random thoughts, ideas, and visions that pass through my head as go about daily life.

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All work in this gallery is the original work of Richard Sencion It is for sale, copyrighted to (Richard Sencion and, as such, is protected by US and International Copyright laws.

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