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Riek Jonker

Brisbane, Queensland - Australia








Riek Jonker

Brisbane, Queensland - Australia

Riek Jonker - Fine Artist

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About Riek Jonker

'I did not become an artist...I am an artist by nature - Created in the image of my Father, who is the Creator of everything...' - Riek Jonker.

I was born in South Africa.
I grew up in the lush natural environment of Loch Vaal. Started drawing passionately at the age of 3 and wanted to be an artist at the age of 5. At school I always did well at art and was accepted into our national schools for art at age 16. 1988-1990 at 'Die Kruin' in Johannesburg (the same school Charlize Theron attended) and matriculated in Pretoria at 'Pro Arte'. Both schools specialized in teaching Art, Ballet, Music and Drama. My main subjects were Fine Art and Graphic Art. The teachers I would like to acknowledge are: Riaan Gouws, Miss Sinclair, Petri de Klerk, Fanus Bezuidenhout, Nola Strauss, Diek Grobler and Marcus Coetser.

Today I am a Medical Orthotist and Prosthetist, living and working in Brisbane, Australia. My occupation created opportunities for me and my family to see the world - we have been to Mozambique, Tanzania, Zanzibar, Singapore, and the United States, Pennsylvania and Ohio. The experiences I had contribute greatly to my creative library and I hope to reflect truth and love through my work.

I work mainly in oil on canvas, but really have no favourite medium or style. I also enjoy design - I have designed components for the production of the BMW - E36 at the Rosslyn plant in SA. I have also designed the first Carbon Fibre Prosthetic Foot for production in SA called the 'Multistep' - (property of Orthomed in Johannesburg, SA.) I have taught Art at numerous schools and at my private Art Studio and made lasting friendships in the process.

Even though I have tasted success in some areas, I find even greater dreams burning in my heart...my focus have become less inward looking. Today I am looking for ways to express my deepest hunger...that last frontier...not to follow only truth anymore but chasing after the 'Author of Truth'... the Great 'I am' - Jesus Christ.

If what I am saying makes little sense, please find a Bible (NIV or King James Version) and read Genesis 1 and John 1. If it still makes no sense, ask the Holy Spirit to reveal the meaning of the scriptures to you...Read the whole 'Good Book' if you have to, it will change your life!

(For those of you who still think I am a Jesus Freak - which I surely am - my paintings are specially meant for you! I pray constantly for you while I toil before the canvas...well I do what I am called to do and find fulfillment in that and hope that you may also enjoy a close and personal relationship with the One who created you.)

I believe we live in a world where we need to rely on God more than ever to stand strong, man, woman and child...there are many facts out there in this age of information, but there will always be only ONE TRUTH...

'As water reflects a face, so the heart reflects the man' - Prov 27:19

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Tethered by Riek Jonker


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Spitfire by Riek Jonker


Silicone Finger by Riek Jonker


Prosthetic finger by Riek Jonker


Silicone Finger 2 by Riek Jonker

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