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Rj Williams

El Paso, TX - United States

Rj Williams - Fine Artist

Rj Williams

Member Since: 12/26/2010

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My name is Ruben J. Williams. I sign all my art with my abbreviated name (R. J. Williams) or just my initials (R. J. W) on smaller art pieces.

I am an artist in El Paso, Texas. The local art community and its patrons are slowly but surely expanding and I'm fortunate to be one of many artists here in this fast-growing city.

I've been painting and writing for over 17 years. My subject matter is broad and not limited to regional (southwest) themes. My visual art includes landscapes, space-scapes, abstract, semi-abstract, contemporary southwest, the human figure and most anything my creative mind can conjure up. Recently I've begun to do art in a series or theme that may consist of up to six or more art works. Doing this allows me to better delve into a particular style and subject, I find it helps me be more productive and broaden my knowledge on a particular style and subject. Doing artwork in series began with my 2005 butterfly Series titled: 'Butterfly Symphony.'

Though acrylic paint is my main choice for artistic expression I am skilled in the use of various media including charcoal, oil and watercolor. I've had work displayed and showcased in the following galleries: California Street Gallery, Hal Marcus gallery, Avant Studio and Gallery, Kristoph's Coffees, Maven Studio, Main Street Gallery and others.

In 1996 I founded my own small press Borderline Arts & Books and began selling original, open-edition art, and chapbooks of my poetry. My poetry is composed mainly of free verse and narrative. My poetry books include Midnight Matinee (1996), When the Candle Burned its Last (1997), The Wilted Rose (2004), From the Ashes of Roses (part 2 of When The Candle Burned…) published in (2007), One Legged Tap Dance (2009). I am the December 1994 Top Prize Winner of Aaron’s All Star Poetry Awards. I am currently finishing up The Other Leg Short Stories and Poems (part 2 of One Legged Tap Dance…) to be published in 2012.

ARTIST STATEMENT--I choose the semi-abstract style to paint because it's part reality part other world.

I tend to paint nature and the things thereof; landscapes, butterflies and such in a dream-like illuory way and in bold color schemes that are not always true to nature.

Particularly during the year of 2011 I found my art becoming less defined and more, vague, amorphous silhouettes. My painted trees, rivers, and all things floral seem to be rooted in the style of the 'gesture sketch.' Yet, as of late, I do no 'base sketch' on the canvas or material I'm painting on. I simply gather my art materials, choose the color scheme, then ponder over a subject I might lean towards as most of my art is non-objective. Then, I open the paints and take brush in hand and with very little direction I start making something happen on the canvas. After choosing and painting a base color or two down that will likely be my dominant background and foreground colors I then start letting things happen. I do not over think. I just allow as much as possible the painting to come out of me, or, flow out of me. I feel it's important to share this here that I, in fact, rarely sketch out a completed object or idea on canvas to paint. I 'free form' my paintings as of late and I feel that this is why they are often energy-charged. Meaning, a good number of my latest artwork have somekind of movement in the image; something alive happening, even if it's just a gust of wind.

Thank all of you for showing interest in my artwork, especially those that have invested in it.

--El Paso artist RJ Williams

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Rj Williams - Tsunami Cometh 2

Tsunami Cometh 2

Rj Williams

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Rj Williams

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Bird on Tree

Rj Williams

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Spring Fury

Rj Williams

Rj Williams - Sun Peeks Through

Sun Peeks Through

Rj Williams

Rj Williams - Evening Rust

Evening Rust

Rj Williams

Rj Williams - Weeping by Willow

Weeping by Willow

Rj Williams

Rj Williams - The Bleeding Cross

The Bleeding Cross

Rj Williams

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