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Rob Parker

Middleton, WI - United States








Rob Parker

Middleton, WI - United States

Rob Parker - Fine Artist

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February 6th, 2011







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About Rob Parker

Rob Parker A.K.A. H.C.M.F. is a self taught aspiring artist working with mainly acrylics on canvas, canvas board, and digital photography. Rob had the inner desire to paint for years, and finally broke his doubts and bought some art supplies, refining his technique with each new painting he does, Rob has developed a look he can call his own, always using hard defining lines to highlight his subject matter with mostly abstract and obscure backgrounds to redefine the image of the photos he paints from. One of Rob's influences is vintage rock poster art from the 60's and 70's, as well his love for music is a huge influence on his subject matter. While Rob has not mastered the brush by any means, he is starting to fell comfortable with sharing his work with others and more confident that it will be enjoyed by many. Rob is also looking to start networking with other artists who have similar intersts in painting and photography, anyone interested should feel free to contact Rob, as well Rob is looking for constructive feedback on his work. Rob would like to thank you for checking out his works and remind you to stay tuned for more to come........

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Forked by Rob Parker


Bacon Love by Rob Parker


Frosty One by Rob Parker


Evil Eye by Rob Parker


Smoked Pork by Rob Parker


Sunny Side by Rob Parker


Hot Cakes by Rob Parker


Cupa Joe by Rob Parker


Rashers by Rob Parker


Alabama Thunder Pussy5 by Rob Parker


Alabama Thunder Pussy4 by Rob Parker


Alabama Thunder Pussy3 by Rob Parker


Alabama Thunder Pussy2 by Rob Parker


Alabama Thunder Pussy by Rob Parker


Thursday 7 by Rob Parker


Thursday by Rob Parker


Thursday 6 by Rob Parker


Thursday 2 by Rob Parker


Thursday 3 by Rob Parker


Thursday 4 by Rob Parker


Thursday 5 by Rob Parker


DEP Ben Weinman by Rob Parker


Twin Lillies by Rob Parker


Twin Lillies2 by Rob Parker

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