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Robert Handler

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Robert Handler

Baltimore, MD - United States

Robert Handler - Fine Artist

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About Robert Handler

Robert Benjamin Handler grew up in Manhattan. He developed his current style of art after traveling throughout Europe, Canada, and the States, observing the unique architecture of each area. His thoughts and concentration continued to return to the architecture of the cities he visited, with special emphasis on the differences and styles of each place.

No matter where he traveled, though, Robert always seemed to gravitate back to the amazing uniqueness of New York City's cities within cities. Each area left him with a special feeling for the buildings and the times. Whole neighborhoods revolve around their uniqueness and special location. Areas like the Village, Chelsea, Canal Street, lower Manhattan, all have areas and buildings that speak to you.

His paintings then evolved from standard views of the buildings and landscapes that were strictly one-dimensional, Što his present form of 3-D structures.

The initial paintings were done in oil. The majority of the paintings are acrylic, multi-media, involving pieces of this and that, that give the structures a vibrancy and form-along with a beauty that is hard to be replicated. This work entails very intricate, minute details, that require time, patience and the ability to see what the end result should be.

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