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Robert Kernodle

Greensboro, NC - United States








Robert Kernodle

Greensboro, NC - United States

Robert Kernodle - Fine Artist

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About Robert Kernodle

'My atoms were born in the deceptively full hollows of intergalactic emptiness. My anatomy arose from the turbulent patterns of wild fluid fires, in a cosmic cataclysm that fixed life's genesis on the shores of terrestrial fluid waters. All human bodies arose from these waters that eventually stood up on legs to marvel at the night sky from which they originally came, first as stardust, then as rain, then as liquid bubbles, then as genetic chains, ultimately self-organizing into cellular clusters and complex brains. The whole of human existence is immeasurable, both in time and in space, because each of reality's seemingly separate bodies is perpetually malleable, never absolutely fixed, and continuously connected to every other body. The individual person or artist, thus, is a momentary manifestation of an infinite, eternal being.' -- Robert G. Kernodle

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Fluidism METAL Prints

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Ideally suited for Fine Art America's rigid acrylic prints, as well as for its latest aluminum metal prints, these fluidism abstracts (based on original fluidism paintings) contain decorative borders (as integral parts of their artistic compositions). For acrylic prints, these built-in borders allow full unobstructed views of the primary panel scenes, while specifically providing adequate clearances for mounting posts to add clean, ultra-modern interest and depth to the presentations.

Robert Kernodle - What If This

What If This by Robert Kernodle

Robert Kernodle - At Planck

At Planck's Scale by Robert Kernodle

Robert Kernodle - Depths Of Being

Depths Of Being by Robert Kernodle

Robert Kernodle - Lollipop Zen

Lollipop Zen by Robert Kernodle

Robert Kernodle - Dragon

Dragon's Realm by Robert Kernodle

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