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Seaside Artistry

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Seaside Artistry

St. Augustine, FL - United States

Seaside Artistry - Fine Artist

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About Seaside Artistry

INSPIRATION ~ IMAGINATION ~ CREATION, this is the path I follow when creating my artwork. The genesis of my art begins with something that, at some level, inspires me; itís something that tantalizes my senses or tugs at my emotions, and then triggers my mind. My imagination, with its entire creative prowess, takes over, unleashing a deluge of ideas flooding my creative universe. I then synthesize my ideas, ultimately materializing an inspiration into a tangible creation.

My artwork is more than just a manifestation of an aesthetic construct. It is more than just a collection of unrelated parts culminating into an obvious yet disjointed creation. My art is more than a silent object; it tells a story, conveys a feeling or brings you within reach to a place and time that may otherwise be unreachable. All of my artwork has an inherent connection to its origins. Within it rests a subtle message, perhaps hidden, a cipher that only time can reveal. My existence and my legacy will forever live within my art.

On a personal level, I was born and raised in Florida, but my ancestry originated in Spain and Cuba. As a child, I was always very creative and artistic, but one thing led to another and I deviated from the arts and landed in the sciences. Now, middle aged and time not stopping for a second, I am revisiting my artistic side. I am now embarking on a new journey on a familiar path that will hopefully lead me to where I was meant to be all along.

My wife, Judy, also an artisan in her own right, is the owner of Seaside Artistry. She is originally from New Brunswick, NJ and the 'Shore' is in her DNA; the Jersey shore at Seaside Heights is especially close to her heart. Most of the fine artwork and photography featured here and in our other sites, depicts our love for the shore, the beach, the coast and all things nautical. Even though some of our artwork and photography may deviate from nautical themes, inspirations from the sea are what nourish our creative endeavors. Regardless of what our imagination encourages us to create, we strive hard to be uniquely creative.

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Anchor Lighthouse by Seaside Artistry


Rhody Lighthouse by Seaside Artistry


Point Judith Lighthouse by Seaside Artistry


Point Judith Lighthouse Antique by Seaside Artistry


Boat at Sunrise by Seaside Artistry


Into the Sunrise by Seaside Artistry


Sunrise on the Bay by Seaside Artistry


Stonington Stones by Seaside Artistry


Red Rock Canyon Lake by Seaside Artistry


Abalone Colors by Seaside Artistry


Abalone Shell #2 by Seaside Artistry

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