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Robin Hewitt

Boise, ID - United States








Robin Hewitt

Boise, ID - United States

Robin Hewitt - Fine Artist

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About Robin Hewitt

Born and raised in Clayton, Delaware where my stepdad and I were commercial fisherman and crabbers. I grew up in the country riding ponies, bikes, fishing from neighbors ponds and creeks. I was president of the Smyrna High School Art Club for 2 years and have many awesome memories of my high school teacher Mr. Shotzberger.

I stepped away from my artwork for many years, but I have always loved art in all shapes, sizes and images. I see potential in all perspectives and forms of art. Since I have re-focused on my artwork, I have noticed that I like working with a variety of mediums and do not limit myself to one… style.

What I would love more than anything else to accomplish with my artwork is to have people be drawn into my picture. It could be the tiniest of detail that grabs that person’s attention….. And you are mine…. If only for a second.

My favorite medium would have to be graphite pencil along with it best friends: the eraser (highlights) and tissue paper (blending), but I have been having fun exploring photography, soft pastels and acrylics.

With my photography (I am very new to this), I want to take a picture that other people would never think of, from an angle that give the image a cool new perspective and still be a fabulous shot. To make people think… 'how’d she do that?'

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BW Dandelion by Robin Hewitt


Jo Jo by Robin Hewitt


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The Bee and the Dandelion by Robin Hewitt


Girl with her Ball 1 by Robin Hewitt


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Pink Bud by Robin Hewitt


Dandelion Closeup 4 by Robin Hewitt


Peony 1 by Robin Hewitt


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Purple Iris 3 by Robin Hewitt


Purple Iris 4 by Robin Hewitt


For Jody 3 by Robin Hewitt


For Jody 2 by Robin Hewitt


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Iris Up Close and Personal by Robin Hewitt


Showing Some Stripes by Robin Hewitt

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