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Robin Rile Fine Art

Miami, FL - United States

Robin Rile Fine Art - Fine Artist

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About Robin Rile Fine Art

Specializing in 20th Century and Modern masters, Reed V. Horth has conducted and/or assisted in placing nearly $100M in paintings and sculpture into museums, institutions and private collections around the world since 1996. Horth has specialized in the private and public curation of exhibitions, events and collections, including the DALI MIAMI 2012 and exhibitions benefiting the University of Miami's Lowe Art Museum. DALI MIAMI was of the largest and most successful exhibitions of Spanish Master Salvador Dali (1904-1989) ever hosted in the United States. Over 242 original paintings, drawings, watercolors, graphics and sculptures from Dali in the 22k sqft Moore Building in Miami's Design District drew nearly 25k guests in five days in March 2012, and was curated by Reed V. Horth and produced by Michael Rosen. As a private curator he has specialized in the location and placement of major 20th-21st Century Figurative and Surrealist Masters, including Auguste Rodin, Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso, Frederick Hart, Banksy, Mr. Brainwash, Felix Roulin, Richard MacDonald, Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, Arman, Roy Lichtenstein and others. World-wide placements have included United States, UK, Ireland, Spain, Greece, France, Lebanon, Italy, Portugal, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Mexico, among others. Horth also lectures and mentors young artists on the perils of the art-world through the Life Is Art 501(C) 3 not-for-profit in Miami, Florida. Horth also is a contributing writer for Fisher Island Magazine, Venice (Fort Laurderdale) Magazine, Executive South Florida Magazine, CBP Magazine and the South Florida Business Journal. and

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The Ritual Dance Column by Richard MacDonald


Sleep Marcel Sleep by Richard MacDonald


Carmen Castanets Prestige Scale by Salvador Dali


Untitled Drawing Head Of Three Crutches by Salvador Dali


Christ of St John of the Cross by Salvador Dali


Daughters of Odessa Maquette by Frederick Hart


Interior Con Flores by Jose Royo


Foetus Montage by Nicolas


Duckies by Demo


I am 7 by E Jones


Orpheus Ascending by Richard MacDonald


Autumno cover of Town and Country Magazine 1946 by Salvador Dali


Christ Rising by Frederick Hart


Leap of Faith by Richard MacDonald


Nuryev by Richard MacDonald


Blind Faith Third Life Scale by Richard MacDonald


The Rustics by Joan Miro


Venus de Milo with Drawers by Salvador Dali


Femme Aflame by Salvador Dali


Diana The Huntress by Richard MacDonald


Songs of Grace by Frederick Hart


Goyesca en Formentor by Beltran Bofill


Figuras Interior by Beltran Bofill


Entre Margaritas by Jose Royo

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