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Rod Huling

Seattle, WA - United States








Rod Huling

Seattle, WA - United States

Rod Huling - Fine Artist

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About Rod Huling

During a 30-year career as a commercial photographer in Seattle, I developed my artwork mostly for my own interest. Sometimes the two overlapped--an annual report illustration was the genesis of my interest in the altered Polaroid ('Seattle Cafe'). As I traveled the world on jobs and on my own--once spending 6 months touring Europe on motorcycle--I used the Polaroid medium to capture the gorgeous places I visited. Note that this work was done entirely by hand, using small tools, including dental tools, to move the Polaroid inks before they set. No computer manipulation was used.

Please check back often for more images. I'll be adding more Polaroids from my collection as well as portraits from around the world and images of roses and 'leaves and twigs' in another medium I've explored--scanography.

Now that I have retired from commercial work, I'm focusing exclusively on my art pieces. I'm delighted to be part of, where you can order my work in any size or form you desire. Please write to me if you'd like to--I'd love to hear from you.

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Old Roses 9 by Rod Huling


Yellow Roses by Rod Huling


Old Roses 8 by Rod Huling


Old Roses 7 by Rod Huling


Old Roses 6 by Rod Huling


Old Roses 5 by Rod Huling


Old Roses 4 by Rod Huling


Old Roses 3 by Rod Huling


Old Roses 2 by Rod Huling


Old Roses 1 by Rod Huling


Prague Cafe by Rod Huling


Prague Square by Rod Huling


Prague Trolley Stop by Rod Huling


Bar U Klicu Prague by Rod Huling


Prague Trolley-2 by Rod Huling


Mykonos Harbor by Rod Huling


Venice by Rod Huling


Selcuk Cafe Turkey by Rod Huling


Mazatlan Pulmonia Taxis by Rod Huling


Shrimp Seller Mazatlan by Rod Huling


Cafe Pacifico Mazatlan by Rod Huling


Boston Commons by Rod Huling


Randy the Trolley Man by Rod Huling


Seattle Street Cafe by Rod Huling

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