Rohan Lowe - Fine Artist

Rohan Lowe

Lewes, East Sussex - United Kingdom








Rohan Lowe

Lewes, East Sussex - United Kingdom

Rohan Lowe - Fine Artist

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About Rohan Lowe

Born in 1962, Rohan Lowe is an artist & craftsman working in Lewes where he has lived since 1995, a small historic town on the South Downs of East Sussex, England.

Lowe went to Reigate School of Art, Surrey from 1983-1985 to study the manuscript crafts of calligraphy, heraldry and illumination. He spent a further year at City and Guilds of London Art School, Kennington where he studied letter-carving, stone-carving and sculpture. On finishing art school he began to develop his fine art painting and to work as a decorative artist. Learning decorative painting techniques using oil glazes converted Rohan to this wonderfully flexible medium and gave him an appreciation of surface and texture which is evident in his paintings. His experience of these various arts and crafts working in both two and three dimensions has been a strong influence on his fine art work.

Able to work well both imaginatively and from observation, he works mostly in oils on board, sometimes covered with canvas or a thin layer of gesso or plaster. The paint is built up in thin layers and the surface worked back into, leaving marks which may be painted over again or left to expose the underlying surface.

Rohan Lowe is also a professional luthier making classical and flamenco guitars since 1993.

Artist's statement:

l like to make beautiful things. Beauty takes many forms - in my paintings I try to achieve it through balance and harmony using colour, tone and line and the juxtapposition of the design elements to make a satisfying whole that the eye can enjoy. I love to use colour and texture, pattern, shape and counter-shape, light and dark and I play with these fascinating elements. I am inspired by the beauty of the natural world although I do not necessarily seek to reproduce it. Among others, Ben Nicholson and Paul Klee have had a profound influence on me in my development as an artist at different stages.

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