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Rolf Ashby

New Norfolk, Tasmania - Australia








Rolf Ashby

New Norfolk, Tasmania - Australia

Rolf Ashby - Fine Artist

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About Rolf Ashby

I discovered photography when I was thirteen, with a little plastic instamatic camera. My first pictures were nothing special, but I started taking photos properly when I was fifteen with my Dad's Pentax Spotmatic. I later studied photography and Fine Art at Rhodes University in South Africa, and that was when I took it up seriously. I wanted photography to provide me with adventure, and I guess it did, as a few years later I got a job for a magazine which meant I was often sent on assignment to other countries.
I always admired the great photographers like Henri Cartier Bresson and Joseph Koudelka, and used to try to emulate their work. I've always felt that photography should have a specific purpose, to somehow make the world a better place, and I try to use it to draw attention to environmental issues while uplifting the people I photograph.
My work is 'straight' photography and is not digitally enhanced or manipulated in any way.
I try to capture beauty as best as I can.

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