Ron Harris - Fine Artist

Ron Harris

Lasalle, Quebec - Canada








Ron Harris

Lasalle, Quebec - Canada

Ron Harris - Fine Artist

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March 3rd, 2013







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Ever since I took my first photo many, many moons ago, I knew that photography would be something I could be passionate about. Not having enough money to purchase a proper camera, film, and development, taking pictures took a backseat to regular life. Fast-forward to the establishment of digital photography and everything changed. Now, apart from the hardware, I could take my love for photography into my own hands from the click of the shutter to post-processing to printing.

Now, with my trusty Sony a65 SLT, I shoot to my heart's content, with my camera rarely leaving my side. While I love and explore all types of photography, from street to documentary to macro to portraits to fine art, I'm mostly drawn towards nature and night photography. What style of photographer am I? The kind who likes to take photos anytime, anywhere, and of anything.

As Ansel Adams said, 'There are no rules to good photographs. Only good photographs.'
Ron Harris

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Day's End by Ron Harris


Setting Sun by Ron Harris


Sunset by Ron Harris


The Path by Ron Harris


Imbibing the Last Rays by Ron Harris


View From Mt. Royal Montreal by Ron Harris


Olympic Stadium Montreal by Ron Harris


Eastward Montreal by Ron Harris


Bonsecours Montreal by Ron Harris


Flower by Ron Harris


Orchid by Ron Harris


Oh Canada by Ron Harris


Leap of Faith by Ron Harris


Soaring by Ron Harris


Contemplation by Ron Harris


The Conqueror by Ron Harris


St. Patrick's Basilica by Ron Harris


Flower 1 by Ron Harris


Flower 2 by Ron Harris


20 West by Ron Harris


Mercier Bridge by Ron Harris


Sunset Over Montreal by Ron Harris


Enchanted Autumn by Ron Harris


The Buddha by Ron Harris

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