Rosanne Licciardi - Fine Artist

Rosanne Licciardi

Chatfield, MN - United States








Rosanne Licciardi

Chatfield, MN - United States

Rosanne Licciardi - Fine Artist

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About Rosanne Licciardi

Rosanne Licciardi was born in 1945 in Rochester, NY most likely with a pencil in her hand. As a young girl she wore out a magic slate a week practicing her swishes and curves that continue to be underlying elements in her work today. Organic forms and flower fantasies lend a surreal air to her imaginative drawings. An early self-portrait shows her hair being sucked in by a flower. Nudes hidden in the trees show up in her charcoal rendition of an organic forest.

Often she begins with sheer energy and flowing intersecting lines. Shapes found in nature emerge with the repetition and rhythm of her pencil. She spends hours shading to get the feel of pencil on fine paper. Subtle colors are then added with colored pencils.

That's the yin side of Rosanne. Her yang expresses itself quite differently with bold strokes and vibrant hues. Traveling for several years to New Orleans for the Jazz and Heritage Festival, she began a collection of masks whose bright colors turned her in a new direction. Using pastels, acrylic paints often applied with fingers, feathers and jewels, she captures the spirit of the lively French Quarter. Her love of music is evident in her paintings.

Studying graphic design and photography at SUNY Buffalo and fine art at Syracuse University led to an award-winning agency in Rochester from 1981-1995. She moved to Raleigh, NC in 1995 as an advertising and marketing consultant, and then in 2010 moved to New Orleans where she could be among fellow artists and musicians.

Rosanne now lives in Chatfield, MN with her husband, Don Scott

Home phone: 507.316.0037

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