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Ross Edwards

Midlothian, TX - United States








Ross Edwards

Midlothian, TX - United States

Ross Edwards - Fine Artist

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About Ross Edwards

Painter + Designer

My painting style is interpretive realism focusing on events, places that interest me, and well known people. The look and feel of my work connects as one body of work even though the images and content are never the same.

My medium is airbrushed acrylic with an 'Open Spray' technique where the use of masking products are seldom used. My 'Scientific Comedy' piece is one of the few times where I added traditional brushwork on Laurel & Hardy to bring them forward of the man-in-the-moon - Einstein - painted with air.

My design work has to do with designing themed museums like Civil War, Bowling, Western Art Galleries, etc. The museum I am currently working on is titled 'Hunter Gatherers of the Blackland Prairie'. It is the story of the first people who came to the Americas, Texas in particular due to the location of the museum, living in small bands of 12 to 50. They hunted with a spear thrower (Atlatl) with stone dart points. These people, not cave men, later with the use of the bow & arrow and the introduction of horses became the Comanche's, Apaches, etc.

I also design exhibit cases, layouts for the case artifacts, and provide the installation for private collectors.

My life is owned by the Lord Jesus Christ and my true love is for my wife Pamela.

God is a reality, not a religion.

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