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Rudy Umans

Miami, FL - United States








Rudy Umans

Miami, FL - United States

Rudy Umans - Fine Artist

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My name is Rudy Umans and I have been taking pictures ever since my parents gave me my first camera during a family vacation in Germany. It was a Kodak Instamatic. I still have it. I was 6 or 7 years old.

I grew up in a small town near Amsterdam, the Netherlands. I am married to a girl from Miami and I moved to Miami in 1989.
In the early nineties I was a full time professional photographer. I did mainly products for catalogs for Deltone clock radio’s etc., Avanti small appliances and several importers of fancy perfumes and colognes. Of course Hurricane Andrew came along, destroyed about 90% of everything we owned and forced us to move to Palm Beach where I had several government jobs in small business assistance. During this time, I photographed mainly landscapes with a big old large wooden camera, Ansel Adams style.

In 2005, my wife and I moved back to Miami where I picked up my career that was so brutally interrupted by hurricane Andrew. I still do small business assistance, but since the digital era, the majority of my income is from photography, mainly nature and wildlife, agriculture, weddings, portraits and commercial photography. You can find my work on several image databanks and art sites such as this one. Since then,my work is literally sold all over world to book publishers, including National Geographic and Smithsonian, web designers, ad agencies, and government agencies to name a few.

I was honored with several solo art shows in South Florida and in Europe, called “Beyond the obvious” and one simply called “Wood”.

Don’t find what you need, feel free to visit my website at On my site you will also find some articles about some simple steps you can take with any camera to improve your pictures.

Thank you for your interest.


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Everglades 9574BW by Rudy Umans


Pelicans 891 by Rudy Umans


Decayed Glory - 2 by Rudy Umans


Decayed Glory - 5 by Rudy Umans


Alone by Rudy Umans


Florida Bay 6947A by Rudy Umans


Grunge Giant Swallowtail-1 by Rudy Umans


Cape Florida Lighthouse 2 by Rudy Umans


Alhambra Towers - 2 by Rudy Umans


Everglades lake - 0278BW by Rudy Umans


Legs 847b by Rudy Umans


White Orchid-3 by Rudy Umans


Everglades 0257BW by Rudy Umans


Jupiter Lighthouse-1a by Rudy Umans


Red Scarlet Orchid on grunge by Rudy Umans


BW seascape by Rudy Umans


Florida Bay 6961 by Rudy Umans


Loxahatchee Refuge by Rudy Umans


Everglades 0203 by Rudy Umans


Props And Jet by Rudy Umans


Roosevelt bridge by Rudy Umans


Bahai Temple Wilmette in black and white by Rudy Umans


Camera collage by Rudy Umans


Construction collage-1 by Rudy Umans

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   |   Images = 457





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