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Russ Lopez

Sparks, NV - United States

Russ Lopez - Fine Artist

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About Russ Lopez

Who am I? I’m a Freelance Photographer with over 30 years experience. My interest in the Arts and Photography began at home watching my father Draw and Wood Carve. I enjoy Photographing the outdoors and special events of all types. I have work experience in Events, Graphics, Studio-Portraits, Weddings, Custom Color and Black & White Printing, I have over 15 years experience in the use of Photoshop, Freehand, and Illustrator; I also have over 6years experience as a Graphic Artist. A special project that I have been working on for over 20 years called Photo Diseno's. Are Photographs taken of items in nature, with the primary element being the lines to create a unique design of it’s own a Photo Diseño. No filters are used and no special use of Photoshop except to arrange the Original. My very first Photo Diseño was made in 1989 a self-portrait; I have entered these in Photo contest and have won at least 3 first place awards. I like to display my work and have done so in South Lake Tahoe California, Reno Nevada, Canada, and Mexico. The original Photo Diseño is not for sale I have scanned or Photographed it and these copies are for sale. What is a Photo Diseño; well let me begin by saying that the first one that I made was in 1989. The first Diseño was made for an advanced photographic special projects class. I had to choose a theme; my choice to Photography my hand. All Photographs had to be taken in an artist manner showing good composition, and advance Photographic techniques. The first one was called a Montage well yes they are but they are not why? Montage is as defined in the Webster’s Dictionary; Picture/piece of music, etc made of several items brought together; action of putting several items together to make a picture, of music, etc… So yes they are a Montage yet they are not, why? The word several items is used here; yes my Diseños are several items of the original photograph and has been used several times and only the original and not several different items. Yes I may color a Black and White Diseño or I may use both Color and Black and White in a Diseño. I have used no Special photographic techniques in making these. What I do is an exercise in seeing lines in nature that will work well as a Photo Diseño. Some days when I go out with my camera I look for an object that might work as a Photo Diseño. I try to find everyday objects in nature; such as dirt, clouds, sand, rocks, water, trees etc… Once I have found a subject now the Design forms in my mind. Will these lines form a unique design some yes I can tell what these lines will make sometimes, yet some lines form something not at all planned a Unique Photo therefore a Photo Diseño. An engineer will plan to build a bridge across a body of water the engineer will need a strong base or the bridge will be weak. In a Photo Diseño I look for lines in nature that I feel will work as a good Diseño this is my base. Without a good base the Diseño will be weak lacking a Unique Design. When I begin to Photograph my subject I try to concentrate on the lines also I try to compose my photograph using good “Rules” of composition, yet this rule is sometimes broken favoring the lines this is part of the design process. The next step in this design process is to make several “straight” prints. The straight prints are right side up no other photographic techniques used. The next step is to flip the image and print several of these matching the”Right side”. Now I bring these images together matching all the lines perfectly. This is how I did the first 10 Diseños, now I do this in PhotoShop a much faster process. I have chosen the Spanish word Diseño to describe what these photographs are. Design in the English Dictionary is; Plan; drawing of, before it is constructed, designer artist who plans. In Spanish Diseño: Design, drawing.I would especially like to receive any and all comments from working Artist and Photographers; if I comment on your work I only ask one small thing from you (Please Comment on my work) THANK YOU!

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