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Sal Marino

Stamford, CT - United States








Sal Marino

Stamford, CT - United States

Sal Marino - Fine Artist

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About Sal Marino

Yes girls, I'm Dashingly Handsome, Single, A Love God on my Home Planet of Zimdar and I'll be signing autographs later, so please stand back while I get naked and ready for this...[Rimshot & Cymbal Crash!] ...Started doing these goofy doodles when I was in High School about a hundred and eighty seven years ago. Did lots of other stuff too! Music (was almost a Rock at 11!), Photography (was an assistant for Ralph Gibson, got to meet the Art Elite in NYC), was poor, found Capitalism, got rich, then poor, then rich again, got married, had a son, got divorced, got poor again and now...who cares? So I started painting and sculpting again for FUN> Some years ago (c2001) someone asked me what I call this stuff...For lack of a better excuse [and at the insistence of some individuals who just love labels], I called it 'Funism'. Now, some years later I'm known as the 'Founder of the Funism Art Movement'. Go Figure? And that's not all!...Now all the 'trendy's' anti up big bucks for my stuff because they find it hillarious and simply must have a 'Marino' 'Funist' work in their collection...So you see, you too can be rich and famous...all you have to do is make something brilliant (Oh Brother, is this guy serious?) that people want and sell it for lots of Green...Or, you can simply do what everyone else does and tell me what to go do to myself...[Cymbal Crash!] But if you really want to know more about my life of debauchery, read my book, 'Guy Talk, Girl Talk', an amusingly filthy Funism Book which affords a humorous look at sexual yearnings, unfulfilled love, brushes with fame and the not so ordinary oddities of life..

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Greenwich Affectations by Sal Marino


While America Withers by Sal Marino


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Patriot by Sal Marino


Fed Up by Sal Marino


Work Day by Sal Marino


High Maintenance by Sal Marino


Apathy by Sal Marino


Suburban Divorcee by Sal Marino


Fatass by Sal Marino


Grand Tetons by Sal Marino


Opinionated by Sal Marino


Muffy's Global Warming by Sal Marino


Counter Girl by Sal Marino


Martyr by Sal Marino


Political Clout by Sal Marino


Middle Class Poverty by Sal Marino


New Middle Class by Sal Marino


Tough Times by Sal Marino


Global Warming Truth by Sal Marino


Allure by Sal Marino

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